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This hansome little man came to visit for his first photography debut today!  He was a happy baby – very content – and very much awake!  Little sister “M” was totally loving him up!l02


Proud big sister – look at those eyes!l031Peek-A-Bool012

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After choosing the pictures for my blog post, I realized that in most of them, this little man is hanging from either dads arm or cloth is some way, shape or form!  So “Little Monkey” suited him just perfectly!  It was so fun photographing this 2 week old bouncing baby boy!  His parents are so in love with him and they were so excited to have a photoshoot like this done in their home.  Every little pose we did mom and dad were so thrilled!  “This is so awesome” I beleive I heard a few times!  When you get pictures such as this first one…it really is AWESOME!andrew3andrew2

andrew4One of my all time favourite photographers is Captured By Carrie out of California.  She has inspired many photographers (Newborn Photographers) with her images of hanging newborns in cloth from tree branches (sounds funny as I type it lol….) but with her starting poses like that, she inspires us who love it to figure out as many different hanging shots as we can possibly come up with:andrew11

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These are the kinds of images that we can capture when your newborn is UNDER TEN DAYS!  This little beauty came to me at only FOUR DAYS OLD 🙂  She slept so well and gave us so many great shots!  N and A thank you for letting us into your world when it’s this new!  Thanks for letting Andrea come and be a part of it too (www.splashphotography.ca) mya-newborn4We actually captured little Miss “M” smile quite a few times during our session….soo cute!mia-newborn2Only four days…and look how beautiful mom looks!mya-newborn3I absolutely LOVE this shot (he he he -no punn intended)mya-newbornmya-newborn1

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This little man decided to arrive as a Christmas gift for mom and dad!  Labour began Christmas morning …and 30 hours later on boxing day – Big “B” made his debute!  Here he is at 6 days old! He was a charmer that’s for sure!dsc_6362-copydsc_6411-copyI just LOVE how his little feet almost make the shape of a W…hmmm maybe for “Weee little baby”dsc_6343Proud big sister just wanted to be in as many pictures with her brother as she could!  benjamin1

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