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It was so awesome to get to photograph my co-workers little addition (the first girl in 5 generations!).  Melanie is a paramedic in Haldimand County where I work my full-time job…and she now gets an entire year off to spend with her new family 🙂  (a family that is in very good hands!)

What a beautiful family.

I love when people bring something to a newborn session that has a little meaning behind it…this is what Melanie wore in her hair for her wedding.  So pretty.

Last one for now.


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Mom and dad were excited to get this little guy into the studio before the 10 days and it was so worth it!  At only 6 days new, he slept the majority of the session and curled up into a little ball for almost everything we tried. I just LOVE his full head of hair!

DSC_5785 copyLove his sweet face …sweet pouty face in this one 🙂DSC_5847This one was requested …one of my favourite pictures to do!  Courtesy of one of my favourite photographers Carrie @ emaphotography.com DSC_5862

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What a sweet family!  I got to meet Mr. Emmet today at only 6 days new and his loving doting parents!  This little guy didn’t want to sleep a whole bunch but right at the end he fell fast asleep and stayed that way for the last few shots! (I always win!) Lol…enjoy your sneak peak!DSC_5454DSC_5388 copyMom requested this shot after the branch hanging shot…I think it turned out fantastic!DSC_5449

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Back from my honeymoon and jumping into photography full tilt! How lucky am I!  I get to shoot EIGHT babies this week!  I normally don’t do that but there were so many born in June while I was away and I’m having baby fever…soooooo I wanted to take in all the babies I could LOL!  This morning I started with little girl Natalia and this afternoon little Matthew.  Both with beautiful heads of hair!  If I havn’t mentioned it before – I LOVE MY JOB!DSC_5371

This little man didn’t sleep for his session – but somehow we managed to capture a few *brief* moments of sleepyness…DSC_5324Love the macro shots…how cute is his tiny little toes!DSC_5383This little sweet heart is 7 weeks old.  When people call for ‘newborn’ session and thier little one’s are over 4 weeks, I feel the pressure b/c I think “how on Earth am I going to show ‘newborn’ sweetness when their little one is out of that ‘newborn’ stage…but this little girl made it so EASY!  7 weeks!  She slept, she curled…she smiled! I love this first shot!DSC_5220

DSC_5250Look at those long beautiful eye lashes.  Just like here daddy’s!DSC_5260

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Ryder came all the way from Toronto for his photography debute!  What a SWEET, beautiful, sleepy baby!  I was so surprised at how good he was for 3 weeks!  So tiny, he was only 7 pounds still!  Mom and dad were so excited for their session and they were just so truly in love with this little man…it’s amazing to watch parents so emotional over their little miracles.  Mom ended up with a few tears watching her little man culr up in dads arms (made me want to cry!).  Thanks for coming here to my little town of Hagersville just to have your pictures done with me! What an honor!DSC_4050This picture was inspired by one of the GREATEST photographers in the United States.  Captured By Carrie’s signature baby hanging portrait is done with a tree branch and Carrie’s amazing ability to capture newborns inspires me constantly!DSC_4078copyI can’t get over how little this sweet heart is for 3 weeks.  Such a good baby!DSC_4085

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I always try and emphasize how important it is to get your baby in under 10 days old…they are supposed to be more sleepy and curly and cozy and I am supposed to be able to put them in any position and they should just fall asleep (or stay asleep) for long periods of time…but today – this little monkey wanted to see the world and literally sucked on everything…including the air??  It was so funny!  She just wanted to feed…or pretend she was feeding…she got a hold of her arm…or her fingers…of mom…or of dads neck! It was like watching a baby bird!  SOOO CUTE!! And soooo awake…oh – and pooped on the photographer! Lol!dsc_1086Mom got this sweet little hat off Etsy! I love it!dsc_1073And a request from the parents for this one (I believe this is an Anne-Geddes pose? and mom and dad wanted to try it)…how did I do guys?dsc_1054-copy

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This little lady came for her first photography session from Woodstock!  Though only an hour away…I can’t tell you how giddy it makes me feel to know that moms from even a distance enjoy my work and want their babies photographed by moi!  I hope you enjoyed your session today Miss J and thanks for bringing your sister along to help out 🙂avery1

Isn’t mom just gorgeous!?avery21

You wouldn’t know it – but this little angel wanted to stay awake so she didn’t miss a thing!avery4

…And since dad couldn’t make the session today we asked little Avery to wave hi!  What do you know – SHE DID IT!  “Hi Daddy”avery-32

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Just a few more of baby “A” from earlier this week!  What a sweet heart!a7a6She is going to be a little red-head with great big brown eyes!a5a8

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Such a small world!  This new mom googled “newborn photography” and found me that way…once she booked and asked where the studio was – well turns out it’s right next door (literally) to her brother-in-law!  How exciting to photograph such a sweet family 🙂  This little charmer is only 12 days old and did a great job at her first photosession!lylal31I just love how ‘bendy’ and ‘curly’ newborns can get!  Very important that you book under 2 weeks in order to get photographs like this one:lyla1

And I think this is one of my newest FAVS!  I can’t get over how beautiful mom and daughter look with their stunning eyes looking right at the camera!  This little girl was SO alert!l4

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This sweet lady (bug) came to me at 7 days old for her photography debute!  Her parents speak  french and it sounds sooooooo cute the way they speak to her!  Baby “A” was such a sweet baby and was so wonderful during her session! We only went through 2 towels and she only peed on daddy ONCE!  😉 anabel1anabel22

Mom and dad loved this hat – courtesy of www.etsy.com anabel5anabel32

Such big eyes!  Very alert little girl 🙂anabel41

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