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A very original name as I’m sure there won’t be a single baby that comes through here again with that name.  I love unique names – and this is one I have never heard before.  this little princess wanted to stay awake, then when she fell asleep she really didn’t want to be touched, moved, cuddled…just left alone.  But we managed to sneak our way through this session and capture her newborn-ness just perfectly.

Another little peanut born at only 6 pounds 10 ounces – was a wee 7 pounds at our session.

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Not only an awesome name (aka “fin”) but now my most favourite age!  DAY FIVE is the BEST newborn age for your session.  This little peanut slept the entire time and mom and dad will end up with a ton of pictures to choose from!  Bring on the day fivers!

Lol…we had him resting on all four limbs!

Requested by mom..


…and what’s a sneak peak without one for dad 🙂

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I promised some sneak peaks in January and given this past week have not been able to put them up, but here I am with some quiet time able to catch up 🙂  Last week I got to meet the adorable miss Caleigh.  I got to photograph this families first newborn almost two years ago now and so thankful that they were able to make it back with their second daughter 🙂

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Due with their first baby, this wonderful couple came in for their maternity pictures totally in love and excited to meet their son.  He’s supposed to come around February 28th, but I donno – I think it could be sooner!

Dad is just as excited to meet his son as mom is…you can even see it in his eyes.

So true….

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…lol, okay so Daniel is actually almost a month old but his due date isn’t until tomorrow!  He was just a little peanut and he slept like a CHAMP!

Another very happy baby today!  How LUCKY am I?!!

One of my new hats for 2011

One for daddy who not only plays hockey, but loves the Leafs…

Last, but not least 🙂  Hope this can hold you over until your gallery is ready 🙂

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Wow – this is an amazing family with such a wonderful heart-warming story of daughter-mother relationships.  As I’m sure you won’t believe it either – these three are all MOTHER-DAUGHTERs!!

and can you say MELT MY HEART?!!!

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As a photographer I’m sure that most photographers would agree that babies are absolutely awesome to photograph.  Then when you get TWO babies, it’s twice as nice – it’s literally twice as awesome as photographing one baby.  I know that when two car seats come through the studio, I am in complete awe…I often wonder how the parents manage two crying babies at night, give double the love and snuggles during the day and just keep a schedule with TWO babies…but they all make it look just so easy.  Now when TWO 1-year-old’s come in, it is even better than the newborn session because we can watch them giggle, and interact with each other and get to actually see their personalities.  This is the first of my twins to come back for a cake smash and I was just THRILLED!

Anna’s personality..

and this picture is so cute (makes me giggle everytime I look at it!) lol… William’s personality…


Plus with twins you have to purchase twice the stuff!  Must be fun when you get to buy blue AND pink 🙂

Also…twice the mess lol !

Did you notice their feet? They actually sit like that!  Thanks for coming back munchkins! I hope I get to see you at Christmas for the holiday mini sessions!

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Wow – what a weekend I have had an amazing story to tell of today (Sunday) but I will leave that for my “Marvellous Monday” post.  For now, a little sneak peak at Mr Brayden who came to visit the studio on Friday.  At 3 weeks old Brayden did NOT want to sleep at all.   Though in the following pictures you would never be able to tell 😉

One word comes to mind when I see the following picture and look at his lips…PERFECT!

Mmmmm….family ❤

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Wow! The cheeks on this little monkey just got me so excited to do her pictures the moment I saw her!  What a sweet heart ❤

*YAWN….* sooooo tired being a super star at only 7 weeks old.

With a daughter who is already 14, mom is clearly so in love with having a baby all over again

I don’t know what you see here, but all I can see are cheeks!

And here is something parents of teenagers might wish they could do sometimes.  I know I have a daughter that will soon be a teenager and I am so going to do this with her too! Lol…thanks Bella & Ian for letting me have some fun with this one 🙂

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You know how much I ❤ LOVE my babies…but during this session, I honestly don’t know if I took more pictures of Knox (SWEET NAME) or his adorable sister Abigail!

Both angels ❤

Seriously…couldn’t help myself!

Just a gorgeous family all around!  I think they should make a career out of having babies lol!

Can’t help but smile.

Hmm, what do you think these two are communicating to each other?

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