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This little beauty gave us a run for it when the first 90 minutes of her session she spent wide awake and feeding.  Mom was getting a little stressed out – but Diamantina and I had a little talk and she promised to sleep so that she could make mom happy (and did she ever!)

mom loved anything girly and enjoyed every prop and head piece we could find 🙂

I just LOVE when babies are so sleepy you can do anything with them…lol…

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This is one beautiful pregnant woman expecting her first baby girl…I can already picture the sweetness of the baby that I can’t wait to meet in January!

These were actually her shoes when she was a baby (so this one’s for you grandma 🙂 )

Requested by mom.  All Pink.  All girl.


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This years Hamiton Baby Expo was a huge success!  I had the opportunity to meet lots of expecting moms and we had a draw for the Mommy & Me Package ($300 value!).  Meet Sarah – our winner!  Expecting their first baby, this couple was just adorable to work with and super excited to photograph and capture their first pregnancy.  We don’t know what they are having – but they are due on December 24th.  What a wonderful Christmas gift.


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With baby number two on the way, who could as for a better Christmas gift!?

This little guy was so adorable!  He even held the material for a fan shot of the windblown material (TOO CUTE!).  I can’t wait to meet his little brother in December 🙂

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I can’t express how much I LOVE photographing kids under the age of 1 ! I love the sitting stage, crawling, giggling, laughing, surprised looks…drooling – love it all!!!  Reese was just a beautiful little girl and so perfect at our mini session this evening.

BIG smiles!

Lol…many of her cute faces…

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I just love photographing a baby belly – especially when the family is just so involved in the whole thing and especially when the father is just so in love with their beautiful wife and unborn child.  It’s in the air…it’s such an amazing thing to experience and every time I photograph this type of session…well, it makes me want a baby SO BAD! (lol – love you hun! 😉 )

They are not finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl.  Life’s BEST surprise!

these two are just amazing together!

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Okay so today I got to photography a 3-year-old (which you know I don’t do “older” kids)…but a few pulls on my heart strings and I thought I would give it a try!  Mr Baeden is 3 1/2 and is just a little charmer!  We wanted this session to mainly focus on mom and son…and I’m so glad because we got some super fun shots (and it was a nice change 🙂

I just love this one!

so mature looking for 3 !

Lol…I would say this is bear hugs…on moms HEAD!

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Just in time for Christmas, baby Ella turns one!  This session was booked months ago (and good thing!)…and like I always say…I LOVE when my newborns come back to play 🙂

Mmmmm cheeks!!!

I just love her cheeks…her skin, her big beautiful eyes!

Then the cake…which she does not like getting messy – or like the taste of icing…lol…

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Need Christmas cards printed?  Birth Announcements?  Invitations?  A client of mine just dropped by to pick up an order and showed me her awesome birth announcement!!  She said she had her announcements in about a week and that they were a very good price!  Here is what they look like:  (and this is only one of HUNDREDS of designs!)

The website is called Tiny Prints!  Click here to get right to it!!

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Day two was an interesting day for delicate impressions and Santa definitely felt like the bad guy…lol.  It was so cute watching the reactions of the kids…and we will start with our famous little Hayden!  It was pretty funny and she did exactly what I suspected she would….

Moving onto Thomas who’s newborn session I did only a few weeks ago.  He’s already gotten so much stronger!  (he was the one who lifted himself up onto his hands at only 3 weeks old!)

This is the sweet little Sophie …she was my first newborn of 2010 !  I almost feel bad for bringing santa into the end of this session – but the pictures are priceless!!!

Mr Luca I have had the privilege of photographing almost three months in a row 🙂  Newborn, Halloween and now Christmas!  Can’t wait to see his big smiles again at maybe 6 months 😉

TWINS! Oh how I just LOVE multiples! LOVE THEM!!!  I was so excited when Lori contacted me about bringing back her little sweet hearts for this session…looking at their newborn session today I can’t believe how big they have gotten!!

Then Miss Aaliyah who I have never met before came in for her mini session…adorable as ever! Oh she just had a beautiful personality ! (and LOVED santa!)

Aaliyah came with her friend (all the way from Mississauga)…Phoenix was a little ham during pictures and has the most amazing eyes!

Now most photographers will say that newborns can’t be included in a mini session.  There are many reasons for this, you never know if they will be upset, hungry, need changing…could be very hit and miss!  But Gabriel came for his newborn session just a couple weeks ago and now at 5 weeks – came for this one.  There are so many amazing shots we got (I can’t believe IT!!) But mom worked very hard at making sure he would sleep!  She fed him a good feed in the car outside the studio (came extra early just to do that!)…kept him awake during the day, and bundled him nice and warm…and he literally slept the entire mini session through even being changed!!! And almost naked!

Always a pleasure to photography miss Olivia and her family…newborn, 6 month, 1 year, halloween…and Christmas 🙂  I just adore this family!

I swear this couple should make many more babies! Just look at how freekin cute these two are!!!

Mr. Broxton…one of my first workshop models for newborns!  He slept the whole newborn session and didn’t pee once!  Here he is 8 months later with the cuttest cheeks still and just check out HIS excitement!!!

To all the mini session people – thanks so much for coming and for your donations for the less fortunate!  Here are the toys you all donated!!!!

One family has already been chosen to receive some of the toys…a father lost his job and is the sole provider for his family.  3-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy…we will be sending them a box of toys for Christmas annonymously!  Thanks so much for letting someone else’s child experience a Christmas they normally would not have had 🙂  You are all so amazing…

I have completed all the Christmas galleries so that you can order in time for Christmas.  You have all been emailed – so if you don’t have an email from me from tonight – then please let me know as I may not have been able to read some of your addresses.

Delicate Impressions will be closed from now until Tuesday November 16th.  I will be returning all emails and phone calls at that time 🙂

God bless.

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