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That’s the song that pops into my head when I look at this lovely baby belly.

I absolutely LOVE working with parents-to-be when they are HAPPY as these two!  You can see there excitement as they walk in the room and it literally lights up!

I also love it when they are relaxed and just enjoy the session as it unfolds.

Dad is so excited to meet his son…daughter…son…daughter…no idea lol…

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Due with their first baby, this wonderful couple came in for their maternity pictures totally in love and excited to meet their son.  He’s supposed to come around February 28th, but I donno – I think it could be sooner!

Dad is just as excited to meet his son as mom is…you can even see it in his eyes.

So true….

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A first baby on the way for this soon-to-be new family.  Brenda came by yesterday to capture this awesome time in their lives..though I think with all the illness this pregnancy has caused, they are super excited to get this little man  OUT!

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What a lovely couple I got to meet and work with tonight.  These two are so perfect for each other…waited their whole lives to find each other and knew they wanted a family instantly.  Awaiting their first son…here is Jill & Kyle.

I love when lighting and everything works out as it should without any touch ups or enhancements…


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Way back in 2009, I got to photography the sweetest little baby boy…and what an adorable name – Zander:

Well here we are in 2011 photographing his baby sister…okay well not yet – but she’s coming in February and I can’t wait!

Yep  –  there she is!

Beautiful mom!

I love working with couples like these two 🙂

Love this one…

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All the way from Cambridge this handsome little guy made his photography debut and he was AWESOME!!! He slept the entire time and I have ZERO in the way of laundry!  Amazing!

Of course one for Christmas 🙂

and my new favourite picture!

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Go to the Delicate Impressions Facebook Page for details!

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Lol…funny story about couple.  The other day while Christmas shopping, my husband and I went into a bathing suit shop and saw this gorgeous pregnant belly as she helped answer our questions and showed us around the store.  As I go to try a few things on, my husband hands her a business card and says “you dropped this” (my husband is my best friend and is always doing that to pregnant women LOL)!  She looks at the card, looks at me and says “what’s your name”?  I told her it’s Tonia and she says “we spoke on the phone! I was going to book a maternity session with you but I was thinking about it…” anyway, she came in and it was an absolute pleasure getting to know her.  But small world?  I mean what are the chances that we run into 1 of hundreds of pregnant women who happened to have a business card handed to them and who I had already spoken to?!

Love camo

Tried this shot for the first time.  I love the result and can’t wait to try it again and again until I perfect it!

Dad is super excited for this little girl to arrive.  Not due until February, but we are so excited for the time to come!

So if you are wondering why the title is about Candice being able to sleep – she left the studio SO excited to see her sneak peak that she said she wouldn’t be able to sleep…so now, she can have a good night sleep!

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Oh my gosh I couldn’t stop gushing over the cuteness of this perfect little boy!  What a gorgeous baby!  He slept the entire (90 minutes) of the session and didn’t pee on a single person or prop.  He just did so amazing and let me try out some cute, bendy poses

One of my newest hats.

It was just beautiful to watch these three together.  They are so in love with him.

He slept the whole time and even gave us a smile.

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Lol…okay so for you who have come to me for pictures, you know my famous word is “perfect”…it seems that after every single picture I take, the word “perfect” comes out of my mouth (it just slides out … all on it’s own! I can’t stop it!).  By the end of the night I even had dad saying it! Gave us a good chuckle…actually we laughed a lot during this session.  Thanks for being so fun guys! I can’t wait to meet baby Jim, Taylor, Christine, Edward, Penelope, Lyla, Jason, Jack, Ashley…okay okay – I’m sworn to secrecy!  Man I love secrets! hehehehe….


It was awesome to see these two interact and just feel the love between them.  He held her outside so she wouldn’t slip on the snowy ground, he asked her what shirt she liked better for pictures before just picking one and changing…he’s such a gentlemen and she’s such a sweet heart.  They are so amazing to watch together ❤

I have to admit – I love ultrasound pictures. I just think it’s so amazing and fascinating to see your baby before he or she is even born.  The measurement, the heart…the hands…just amazing.  Here is two pictures combined into one.  These two thought I was off my rocker taking this picture 🙂  But you should see what they were actually holding…lol

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