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Well Tonia just loves when clients come back…and I have even earned the name “Aunt Tonia!!”  WOOHOO!!  This is little Emmet only 6 short months ago.  I got some of my favourite newborn pictures from this little guy!  Well…6 months later…

Just look at him now!

I think he wanted my camera?  Or maybe to say “Hi AUNT Tonia”…hee hee hee

And of course one of my favourite black and white pictures 🙂

HA! To be a kid again…getting thrown in the air!  This little boy is so very much loved!  Mom and dad couldn’t get enough of him!

Cheeks, cheeks and more cheeks! Yum!

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So I’m not exactly sure where to begin with this session except to say WEEEEHEHEEEEW!!!!  It was AWESOME!  This is 6-day-old Keira (see beautiful mom here).  Keira came into the world on her due date and what a gift for the very happy and very much in love, mom and dad!  If I havn’t mentioned it yet – I LOVE this age!  I always tell moms to try and come in with their new little bundles in under 10 days (under 7 is optimal) but as a mom myself I totally understand the amount of work it is the first week with a brand new baby.  Your tired, sore, havn’t been out since getting home…and the last thing you want to do is pack up your baby and get pictures done (i totally get that!) BUT…yes here’s the “BUT”…if you can push through it for just a couple hours, it is SO worth it!!  Tracy and Mike came from Cambrige on a cold winter night as their first outting with their new family…and all they can say is how much it was WORTH IT!!  Here are some images below (way more than I normally put up for a newborn session but I’m SO excited with the turn out I just couldnt decide!!).  All because baby is under a week…

More new props from etsy!

lol …dad…I mean Santa was getting so hot in this suit..he actually stopped breathing in hopes not to move!

Happy and in love with their new family…I could feel it throughout the room!

Fast asleep Keira had no idea what we were doing to her…LOL!

SO cute!!!

What a great Christmas this will be for their family!

And purple to go with Keira’s room 🙂

Okay last but not least…sleep Keira giving us pretty much every shot using every prop I have!  This session took 4 hours! And not becasue she wouldn’t sleep like most lengthy newborn sessions, but because she slept the whole time and I was like “k, lets try this”….”lets try that”….”lets use this”….LOL!!! Enjoy Tracy!  I had a great time and your baby girl is absolutely beautiful!!

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This hansome little fellow came all the way from Waterloo today for his photography debute…and as the sore loser that I am  – I was defeated! *sniffle, sniffle.  This little guy is 10 days, bottle fed, and uses a soother (the 3 KEY ingredients to a GREAT photography session!)…and, well…lets just say that today – those ingredients did NOT work!  For 3 hours, this little guy faught us all the way! 

Oscar 009

Dad even tried walking him around in his car seat while we all tried sounding like cars (okay just kidding about the sound part)…but tried to trick him into thinking he was in a car…and then:



..and just when we thought we had it…floppy arms…eyes rolling back sleepy…no response to touching his toes…good and SLEEPY…but then…BOOM:



Amy and Steve, thanks for making the trip out here to see me.  I must say – you have the most determined newborn that I have personally ever worked with!  He is adorable!  We got some GREAT shots though, and I will be sure to touch base as soon as I get your gallery together!

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At only 5 days old, this little girl came for her first photosession.  She gave us a bit of a challenge trying to get her to stay asleep, but we got the shots and it worked out perfectly!  Thanks mom for getting her in at such an early age!Cassidy 011

She isn’t actually sleeping here…but it looks like it!Cassidy 018

Little’s “C” is definately loved by her big brother…(he’s only 2) but look how good of care he takes of her…holding her just right and not moving while she got comfy!Cassidy 033

Cassidy 081

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This little sweet heart came today at 2 weeks old…and mom and dad are sure she is going to be a big star!  (if not – at least a fan!!).  Sophie gave us a protest at the beginning, but as usualy I WON and she konked out for the rest of the session allowing us to capture some really GREAT shots!DSC_5657

I usually curl them on dads arm…but I thought this looked so cute so I just kept her that way 🙂DSC_5612

HOW SWEET IS SHE!!! Just look at those cheeks! I love baby cheeks!DSC_5655


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Meet the beautiful Shannon – due in just three weeks!  They are having a little girl and her name is going to be Ciana (pronounced See-anna)…I LOVE IT! I am such a fan of different names and have been lucky to photograph all the beautiful babies with different names lately!  Shannon – I hope you both enjoy your sneak peak! They all turned out so fantastic!DSC_5492

I wonder if Ciana will be tall like her daddy?DSC_5514

I wanted to try this picture with white…but then I thought I would like to see it with black..and I like how it turned out! …still have to try it with white though lol…DSC_5536

How cute are these little shoes?  I think this baby is going to be spoiled with PINK!DSC_5486

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16 months ago, I got to photograph this little girls brother…and today I got the pleasure of photographing another member of the Cosford family!  I work with her mom, I have photographed Anderson, then their wedding and now sweet SWEET Mavis…who has the biggest eatable cheeks EVER!DSC_5305

Mom brought this cute little guy from the Raggedy Ann and Andy (my generation of toys…lol)…and I just love how it turned out!DSC_5342

Cheeks…cheeks…and MORE CHEEKS!!!DSC_5380

4 weeks old and slept sound for us.  A few moans and groans then right back to sleep!    Actually – this is the fastest falling asleep baby I have ever seen!  She went from 0 to 100 in half a second!  Literally went from a cry to instant sleeping in half a second! It was hilarious!  What a doll!DSC_5330

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Today I got to meet little Miss Leah!  At 16 days new she slept like a ‘baby’!  Ever wonder where that saying comes from?  Babies are known for their lack of sleep leaving moms up at all hours of the night…and yet we use the term “slept like a baby”…hmmm….just thought of that as I was writing…but enough babbling! LOL!  She slept the entire session letting me do anything I wanted (YAY ME!)DSC_5133

Getting ready for the new favourite position I like to put newborns in…this is ‘pre’ pose.  But just look at those cheeks! Those pouty lips!  Leah was just perfection!DSC_5129


Enjoy your sneak peak mom and dad and I’ll be in touch soon!!   DSC_5094

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Dont you just LOVE that name! Kingsley..mmm I havn’t had a little “Kingsley” before…and at only 10 days old he did FANTASTIC!!! Slept almost the entire session!  Let me do anything I wanted…Love when they come so early like that!  Mom had all the little tricks ready and though they don’t use a soother at home – she brought one for the session and it worked like a charm!  Thanks guys for using some tips and tricks I suggested for your session.  He did so wonderfully! I almost wish I had a photography class and he was our little model! Mr. Perfect!DSC_3623

This family was very much in loveDSC_3523

Another sweeet hat made by cara at Etsy.comDSC_3548

Did I mention this is litte Mr. Perfect?  Just thought I would mention it again 😉DSC_3557

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It’s sessions like this where the baby just sleeps and sleeps – that get me so behind in editing! Why? Because I just can’t put my camera down! I take and take and take until the baby finally says “NO MORE”!  Meet sweet little Alexa…only 8 days new and was such a good girl for her session!DSC_2684

Yup…she let me do anything!!DSC_2701

Another wonderful hat made by Cara from etsy!  www.handknitbycara.etsy.com DSC_2658

Just think…wonderful little precious babies…are all because two people fell in love…*sigh…DSC_2718

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