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What a beautiful name!  Remember beautiful little baby Reyna from last year?  Well I had the pleasure of celebrating her first birthday with a cake smash session! And what a HAM!!

I love giving out Etsy’s website then when mom’s bring stuff for their session from Etsy!  Don’t you just love these colors?

Reyna loves her mommy and spent most of the session trying to chase her around for snuggles 🙂

I’ll be in touch soon! Enjoy your sneak peak mom and dad 😉

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Last night I finally got to meet Mr. Evan.  Little man was in quite the hurry to get here and just a week after mom’s maternity session, he was delivered in emerge after JUST making it there by ambulance!  Mom and baby are doing fabulous and I just loved getting to photograph this little slice of Heaven!

and of course we had to include a hat!  What a little hansome man!

…at almost 3 weeks old, mom had the magical touch and was able to get him to sleep rather quickly!  Actually, this is one of the fastest newborn sessions I have ever done.  We were finished in under an hour and a half..!

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Mr Serious…couldn’t get him to smile and yet in order to get him happy and laughing, mom and dad bring out their cameras! As soon as they do – he laughs, giggles, smiles and hams it up…but nooooooooooooooooo…my camera comes out – and nothing!  So I call him Mr. Serious!

Look at him…all business like!  “yes Mr. Serious, I would like the job!”

I guess we have a hint of a smile here!…maybe the next picture?

ummmmmm…nope.  LOL!  Mr Serious didn’t even like his cake.   Poor little guy.  All in all it was such a fun session! If you could have stood outside the studio and listened to all of us making noices and loud toys and clapping and the weirdness that came from our mouths to get him to laugh…oh you would have been in stitches!  Nar, it was nice to finally meet you and your beautiful family.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peak, I look forward to seeing you all again!

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Oh the sweet little Avery that I got to meet a year ago all the way from Woodstock, made her trip back today for her first year pictures! 

Isn’t she just beautiful!?  Her eyes are so big and so brown…and she’s just so perfect!

Lol…looking at her little bum when she was sitting like this gave me an idea…I always do the reflection shot when they are sitting the same way or when newborns are laying down…but this one even made ME giggle!! HA!

This is one of the cuttest cakes I have ever seen!!!  Made by Kandy Cakes located in Cambridge!  And lets face it – when the cake smash session is over – we throw the cake OUT – so it’s worth the drive even the day before your cake smash session to get a cake THIS AWESOME!!!!  You can reach Kandy Cakes at this email:  Kandy@kandycakes.ca

Nothin cuter than a chunky monkey one-year-old enjoying her cake! And making faces!  Jana, thank you for coming back out to see me.  I really hope it’s worth it driving out here and to Cambridge…I think it was.  But I’m selfish and LOVE when my babies my return!

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Meet ADORABLE Mr. Lukas!  All out in supporting our Canadian Olympic Athletes! 

Lukas is 6 months old and was just a sweet HAPPY little boy!  It was so fun photographing him today and the little drops of drool that rested so perfectly on his chin just made me giggle!

A little surprise for daddy…this is the tie Lukas got dad for Christmas~and since dad couldn’t make it to his session, mom thought it would be a cute gesture…and I totally agree~ What a hansome little man!

Oh man could you not just eat him UP!  The faces he made today had me laughing and laughing!  I LOVE this age! LOVE IT!

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Remember sweet little baby Olivia from last summer?  I got to see her again today at the SWEET SWEET age of 6 months!  I can’t tell you how much i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE when my babies come back! It’s amazing to see how much they have grown …and well – how chubba wubba their cheeks get! And lets face it, I have an OBSESSION with cheeks!

Check out those dimples!!! Oh man I love my job!

Oh the sweetness 🙂

“Hey mom…check out this baby!”…lol

I love playing with the lighting for different shots and this is just one reason why:

Okay…needless to say:  I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!

Olivia’s mom is Jamie and Jamie runs an accounting business out of her home.  Jamie is a great person and so very personable!  If you need an accountant (and tax time is coming SOON)…please visit Jamie at www.jamiemcnulty.com or email her at info@jamiemcnulty.com

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Meet Mr. Mark…7 weeks and as bright as ever!  This little man slept on his way here from Oakville so didn’t want to do much sleeping but when we get these great shots with the perfect eye contact I just get all excited!  This was a shot requested by mom and I think she will be very excited!

This was one of the cuttest little outfits…but I love the face he made on this one and I was zoomed right in so just a teaster…but it’s an elephant outfit!! LOL! SO CUTE!

Yes…I said SEVEN WEEKS!  I have 3-month-olds who can’t quite master how high I need them to hold themselves up to get this picture….and little Mark mastered it without any trouble…(mom – I think your going to be in trouble! He’s a strong one!)

One of my last few sessions for this year…Merry Christmas everyone!  Happy Holidays and remember…it’s Christ we are celebrating this Christmas!

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It has been an absolutely CRAZY weekend!  We moved Friday, painted for the last three days and are finally getting down to unpacking into our new home 🙂   Today – my first session in the new studio and oh man I am in love!  Not only did everything run so much smoother, but I got to photograph this gorgeous 6-month-old baby girl…Piper.  What a DOLL!  Big beautiful blue eyes…and she was happy the entire session!  Got a little tired in the end but we captured some wonderful images for mom and dad!  Lets start with snowning rose peddles…DSC_3421

See?  I told you – big beautiful blue eyes!DSC_3395


This is one of the pictures that I love to do with newborns…but dad likes it so we tried it and I love it 🙂  Enjoy your sneak peak guys, thanks again for coming out and I hope your trip home was a safe one.  I’ll be in touch soon!DSC_3463

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This is the beautiful little Allison!  Remember the couple from a few postings ago with their wedding and 5 boys?  Well meet their little sister…I feel sorry for her future boyfriends!Allison 084

I just love the little curly poses newborns do! Shows just how tiny they really are!Allison 063

Mmmmm…here we go again with lovin the CHEEKS!Allison 076

Just perfect…little Allison had the cuttest, little perfect features!!Allison 009


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Today I got to meet little Miss Leah!  At 16 days new she slept like a ‘baby’!  Ever wonder where that saying comes from?  Babies are known for their lack of sleep leaving moms up at all hours of the night…and yet we use the term “slept like a baby”…hmmm….just thought of that as I was writing…but enough babbling! LOL!  She slept the entire session letting me do anything I wanted (YAY ME!)DSC_5133

Getting ready for the new favourite position I like to put newborns in…this is ‘pre’ pose.  But just look at those cheeks! Those pouty lips!  Leah was just perfection!DSC_5129


Enjoy your sneak peak mom and dad and I’ll be in touch soon!!   DSC_5094

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