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What a sweet little ball of CHEEKS that came into the studio today!  Meet Mr. Calin.  Calin needs some prayers as he will be enduring some pretty major surgery coming up in the next few months…so if you could all say a little prayer for him that would be wonderful!

Today he was all flirty and smiley (for the most part) 🙂

Monkey See…Monkey Do.

and one for Grandpa

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A mini session today to capture 4 generations…nuff said 🙂

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The skin on this sweet girl reminds me of snow white!  Big brown eyes…and her skin was just so beautiful.  Imagine if we all had skin like that of a child?  Yowzers!

This was one happy little girl who smiled without hesitation 🙂

…and of course, one for Christmas

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Just about the last of the holiday mini sessions and I had two very sweet little boys!  First up was Sasha (“Mr. Handsome”)

after no smiling followed by a little more – no smiling – Sasha got right into it!

a request from mom 🙂

Then we have Maxwell….a 5-month-old very HAPPY BABY!!!  Love when my newborns come back and this is truly just a sweet heart ❤

…and how about some more smiles?

This one just makes me giggle…

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I can’t express how much I LOVE photographing kids under the age of 1 ! I love the sitting stage, crawling, giggling, laughing, surprised looks…drooling – love it all!!!  Reese was just a beautiful little girl and so perfect at our mini session this evening.

BIG smiles!

Lol…many of her cute faces…

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I just love seeing this little girl – for more reasons than I can even explain (mom & dad know why)…and today, I was just tickled pink to see her again!  What a doll! And so loved by so many!

I just love to photograph this age.  Giggles, smiles, big beautiful eyes…

Sweet little dress

and of course – the egg.  I can’t help it!

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Okay so today I got to photography a 3-year-old (which you know I don’t do “older” kids)…but a few pulls on my heart strings and I thought I would give it a try!  Mr Baeden is 3 1/2 and is just a little charmer!  We wanted this session to mainly focus on mom and son…and I’m so glad because we got some super fun shots (and it was a nice change 🙂

I just love this one!

so mature looking for 3 !

Lol…I would say this is bear hugs…on moms HEAD!

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