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I have been surrounded by adorable 5-day-olds lately and this sweet, beautiful Mya is just one of the sweetest little girls yet! This is Mya’s big sister Amy – and Amy wore this outfit home from the hospital 7 years ago…(can you just FEEL the love she already has for her little sister)!

Taking advantage of my new egg again 🙂

Unfortunately daddy couldn’t make it to the session…but I just love how this one turned out of “the girls”  ❤ melt my heart…

…and once again, at just 5 brand new days, little Mya slept like a champ 🙂

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Wow – what a success! The Hamilton Baby expo was held this past weekend at the Hamilton Convention center and I met a ton of amazing people! Not just the people coming through to see the expo, but the vendors were fabulous too! I met some great photographers from Burlingon, Wee Piggies and Paws was there, Springy’s baby store, Blossom Yoga and many many more!!  Our booth:

Thank you to the best in-laws I could EVER ask for! Jackie helped me set up, and Dave helped me take down (amongs the many things they did in between like bring me lunch, get me coffee and talk to the new moms for me while I went to meet other vendors and just have a quick peek around.

Now the BEST part of the baby expo was the baby dirby!!! If you don’t know what a baby dirby is…it is GUARANTEED to make you laugh!!! Smile!!! And even cry of laughter!  They put crawling babies at one end of the stage which the parents to go the other end and on “GO” they race to their parents!  Some just sit there, some freeze…some get half way to mom or dad then turn around…it’s absolutely hilarious!!! And they run in heats!  Here are a few pics I was able to grab while away from the booth….

Delicate Impressions had two draws going on as well.  One was for a free photo session and the other was for a free Mommy & Me Package which includes both the maternity and the newborn sessions plus a 5×7 and 8×10 from each session!  The winners were announced on my facebook page BUT here they are here (just incase).





Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me at tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca to claim your prize and book your sessions!!!

See you all in April at the spring baby expo!!!

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Today I met sweet little Emma – a picture of perfection.  As baby #6 for this family, Emma slept like a champ, ate like a champ – and we ended up completing her newborn session is just over an hour (unheard of!)

My new bed 🙂  Found it sitting in my office one day when I returned home (thanks mom!)

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It has been a very popular question this year in regards to holiday mini sessions, so we ARE GOING TO DO IT!  (not to mention I already had a facebook contest with winners for it lol!!)  So, bascially here are the details:   Monday and Tuesday November 8 & 9 from 9:30-7:30 in our studio (Caledonia).  Get your little one’s dressed in something Christmasy!  Feel free to bring your dog if you like (must be well behaved or have someone to watch your pet while we continue with your little one). No cats please as santa is illergic to cats.  (Santa outfit needed so we MIGHT not have santa here for sure).  Cost and details are on our little flyer:

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Yes, you read that right …”minus” five weeks…this little princess isn’t even due until October 4th, but at only 32 weeks gestation, baby Mia just couldn’t wait to get here!  She is now 5 healthy weeks old and slept like a champ!

Resting comfortably in dads hands.

Yup..I would say she is very happy to be here!

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I got to meet two of the most beautiful baby boys today! (I LOVE MY JOB)…first, we start off with the hansome mr. Dante.  From personal experience, the closer to 3 weeks old the average newborn is, the more awake they are, the more they groan in between positions and the less they like to be handled while all comfy. BUT Dante here, was just perfect!  The entire first hour he stayed asleep!  He protested now and then but nothing to bad!  He would  just drift back off and let me do whatever I pleased 🙂

oh and the hair! Wow…I fell in love as soon as I saw him in his car seat! What a gorgeous baby!

Day 18 and still bendy as day 1

I remember one of the pictures telling mom to close her eyes but no smile…and she couldn’t help it…the smile would come through no matter what.  How can a parent not smile…even on outside when they can hide it, they are – on the inside smiling all over!

The backdrop (which I LOVE) is a part of Dante’s crib set!  Isn’t it just stunning?…and finally, we got to see his eyes open.

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Oh my heart has just melted this week with the gushy little baby boys I have had the pleasure of photographing…and little Dillon just topped the cake today!  He didn’t want to sleep for the first bit, not wanting to miss a thing.  But when he was out – I could have gone all day with this one!  One sweet pose after another he let me mold him into the tinyest little positions 🙂

and for dad…

Since we had another scorcher outside, we attempted more pictures in the great canadian outdoors!

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Sawyer is one of those babies that as soon as you see her (and her awesome head of hair) you just want to pick her up and snuggle!!!  This is such a beautiful family – I think they should have lots of babies!!!

Her head was like touching a teddy bear 🙂

And hansome Mr. Reese!  Does he not look like he totally belongs in the 50’s?

Most 3-year-olds when you say “okay pretend your sleeping” blink really hard and hold a little bit of a smile (if not – a huge smile)…well this little man did it perfectly!

See? Aren’t they STUNNING?

Sorry for the delay in getting your blog up (hope it was worth the wait) and thank you for the ebay tip!  I’ll check it out for sure! That’s a GREAT price!!!!

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This little boy came into the studio and my heart just  melted!  What a tiny, sweet, sleepy<3 gorgeous baby!

Coda arrived a month early – and he’s clearly very healthy – and very happy to be here!

Coda came in sleeping and stayed sleeping, and didn’t leave me a single piece of laundry 🙂

Love newborns!  Love them!  Just look how bendy and CUTE they are!

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For those of you who havn’t heard of Wee Piggies and Paws…it’s an amazing business that capture your baby, your children, even your parents – forever in a mold of either their hands, feet or both.  I took my daughter in December to see Jamie and just yesterday she brought our life cast of us holding hands (see post below) and it looks amazing!! I wish I knew about this when my now 11-year-old was a newborn!  But being able to capture it when she was 10 will still show me forever how small she once was.  Onto to the excitement!! Congratulations on your new bundle guys!  She is BEAUTIFUL! This 6-day-old Chloe looks like a little porcelin doll!!!

Just look at those cheeks! YUMMY!

Beautiful new family!  Jamie is full of energy and she is truly amazing at what she does!  Located in Stoney Creek, it’s worth the drive no matter where you are coming from!  www.weepiggies.com

I LOVE her hair!! 

Okay…so now I have to talk a little about Jamie’s birth experience.  With her first child, it was painful and ended in an epidural and a long, unpleasant recovery.  This time she used Lara from Hypno Birthing Hamilton.  Jamie explains that she was very relaxed right up until time to push!  Yes – almost pain free!  Lara teaching the pregnant mom how to concentrate right through the birthing process and Jamie says it doens’t have to be as bad as everyone says it is!  Hypno birthing is NOT HYPNOTIZING you so that you have no mind control.  The term is actually prettey deceiving.  Lara is also not a doula…she trains you throughout your pregnancy and then it’s up to you to put into effect everything you have been taught.  Jamie said it was amazing!  She had  a very quick recovery!  No epidural either because there was not a lot of pain involved!  For more information please speak with Lara at info@hypnobirthinghamilton.com

Here is the lifecast I had done of me and my daughter. I LOVE how it turned out (Jamie you are amazing!!)…oh and it’s www.weepiggies.com (not CA).  Jamie does shadow boxes too which is the most popular way to display your childs tiny hands and feet! 

Here is a life cast of a 3-month-old girl…soooooooooo cute~~

Just one more of little Chloe and some of her mommies work.  You can get life casts mounted on light or dark granite.  It’s truly an amazing experience!  Makes a GREAT gift idea!!! And lets face it – mother’s day is coming up!!  You can also get ornaments, shadow boxes, hands done, feet done…the possibilites are endless!

Jamie and Shawn, thanks for coming out to see me yesterday and allowing me into your lives at such a prescious time!  6 days is definatey my favourite age!!!  Chloe is such a doll and I’m so blessed to have captured this time for you!!  I’ll be in touch soon when your gallery is ready!

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