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Not only an awesome name (aka “fin”) but now my most favourite age!  DAY FIVE is the BEST newborn age for your session.  This little peanut slept the entire time and mom and dad will end up with a ton of pictures to choose from!  Bring on the day fivers!

Lol…we had him resting on all four limbs!

Requested by mom..


…and what’s a sneak peak without one for dad 🙂

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My first cake smash of 2011 and Payton’s birthday is exactly TODAY!  One year ago today this little charmer was born and I’m the lucky one who got to photograph her then…

and now…

adorable smiles!

I have to say that I think doing a newborn session sometimes leaves a bond between baby and photographer.  Payton (who sometimes plays strange when people pick her up) came to me no problem.  As a matter of fact by the end of the session she put her arms out (while dad was holding her) to me!  I love kids! Love this age, love their smiles, love their hugs!  Thanks Payton 🙂

Now – onto the cake smash! She loved it!  Dug right into the cake.  She didn’t eat much of it but she enjoyed the mess 🙂

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What a tiny little God-made piece of perfection this guy was who came to the studio today 🙂  If I haven’t mentioned it in the past…I really, really, REALLY love being a newborn photographer.  It’s my most favourite thing in the world! LOVE IT!

Very proud big brother used to fit in this wagon himself once.

So as you know I’m a huge ETSY fan – but this adorable hat came all the way from Scotland!  Would love to have a Scotland Etsy!

Gorgeous mom came in looking stunning! Heals, dress, you would never know she gave birth less than two weeks ago…

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I LOVE DECEMBER!!! I have decided that after a month of non-stop crazyness with photography (which I LOVED)…that for the month of December I am sticking to just newborns!  And what better month than my favourite month of the year – CHRISTmas month – December!  I start off December with this adorable newborn girl who slept like a champ and only pooped on our props once 😉 lol…

A little smile for the camera

I try and do these shots at every newborn session because lets face it, our babies are only tiny this once…and what a way to show just HOW tiny they are

Just about the last shot of the session and we were so happy she wanted to co-operate 🙂

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Last January I got to meet beautiful baby Kayla aka “apple”:

…and today I got to meet her handsome little brother Evan 🙂  HOW LUCKY AM I !!!  Kayla looks like a little princess now….so sweet, so talkative and so darn CUTE!

We tried to get the “money shot” with Evan, but he wanted no part of it…so Kayla was willing!

Evan was wide awake for 90% of the session, but it’s nice to get brand new one’s with their eyes open too

One word:  LOVE!

What’s a newborn session without a family shot ❤

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I spent a good part of my early afternoon giggling at this family (and watching mom and dad try to get Matthew smiling!)..it was very entertaining – but we managed to get a great big one!

and meet Matthew’s gorgeous big sisters! (no – they aren’t twins!)

His Korean outfit just in time for his big birthday bash this coming weekend…

onto the messy portion of the session 🙂

PLEASE MOM NO MORE!!!  (oh my gosh this makes me laugh!!)

Thank you so much Ko family for coming all the way down from Toronto!  I hope you enjoyed yourselves…Rena and James thought you looked exhausted when you left (lol…too funny!).  I had a blast!  Hope you enjoy the sneak peak and have a GREAT birthday bash this weekend!!

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I have been surrounded by adorable 5-day-olds lately and this sweet, beautiful Mya is just one of the sweetest little girls yet! This is Mya’s big sister Amy – and Amy wore this outfit home from the hospital 7 years ago…(can you just FEEL the love she already has for her little sister)!

Taking advantage of my new egg again 🙂

Unfortunately daddy couldn’t make it to the session…but I just love how this one turned out of “the girls”  ❤ melt my heart…

…and once again, at just 5 brand new days, little Mya slept like a champ 🙂

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Oh how lucky am I to photography 5-day-old beautiful baby Emma!  Full head of hair (with the cutest ‘old man’ hair do)…and she slept like a champ (oh the luck I’m having with these little bundles lately!)

and so chunky 😉

Little hatchling..

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This “little” man came to me at 5 weeks old and like most 5-weekers, just didn’t want to sleep.  He was actually quite sleepy, but trying to mould him into positions is what he wanted no part of!  Mom brought his halloween costume (way to cute!)…

the very last picture of the session…

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Wow – what a success! The Hamilton Baby expo was held this past weekend at the Hamilton Convention center and I met a ton of amazing people! Not just the people coming through to see the expo, but the vendors were fabulous too! I met some great photographers from Burlingon, Wee Piggies and Paws was there, Springy’s baby store, Blossom Yoga and many many more!!  Our booth:

Thank you to the best in-laws I could EVER ask for! Jackie helped me set up, and Dave helped me take down (amongs the many things they did in between like bring me lunch, get me coffee and talk to the new moms for me while I went to meet other vendors and just have a quick peek around.

Now the BEST part of the baby expo was the baby dirby!!! If you don’t know what a baby dirby is…it is GUARANTEED to make you laugh!!! Smile!!! And even cry of laughter!  They put crawling babies at one end of the stage which the parents to go the other end and on “GO” they race to their parents!  Some just sit there, some freeze…some get half way to mom or dad then turn around…it’s absolutely hilarious!!! And they run in heats!  Here are a few pics I was able to grab while away from the booth….

Delicate Impressions had two draws going on as well.  One was for a free photo session and the other was for a free Mommy & Me Package which includes both the maternity and the newborn sessions plus a 5×7 and 8×10 from each session!  The winners were announced on my facebook page BUT here they are here (just incase).





Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me at tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca to claim your prize and book your sessions!!!

See you all in April at the spring baby expo!!!

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