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HA!  Today I photographed two of the most beautiful little girls.  3 month old Reese, and 3 year old Teagan.  Let me tell you, Teagan totally pulled on my heart strings.  I’m talking hugs, and helping and doing everything that was asked of her…she was polite, and sweet…and I seriously would have adopted her for my own if her parents would have let me!  So during the session, she’s sitting there being all cute, and out of the blue she looks right at me and says “May I have some bacon”?  I was giggling and giggling, and trying to hide how much I was laughing inside – well it was physically painful LOL!  I was chewing gum and little do I know that apparently it’s also called bacon in the home of Teagan.  I guess one day she called it bacon and it has now been called that for who knows how long.  So tell your kids that gum is called bacon and we can pull a “Teagan” when we say we want some bacon!

These two are going to be so close when they are older.  Two of the happiest children I have photographed yet!


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Another original baby name that I haven’t photographed as of yet.  And this little monkey only slept for the very first shot of the session.  Otherwise, she didn’t want to miss anything and gave me all the funniest faces!  Love little personalities!

Maybe tired…but still didn’t sleep.


So as this family was packed up and headed out the door, I nabbed little miss Paige back for one last shot…and SOOOOOOO HAPPY I DID!!!!

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I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I got to photograph and meet this adorable little Miss Chloe.  For those of you who don’t know what Wee Piggies and Paws are – you should really go and check it out HERE!

Miss Chloe a whole year ago…

…and the beautiful little smiles a year later..

To wear…or to eat…

again…to wear or to eat…lol!

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I promised some sneak peaks in January and given this past week have not been able to put them up, but here I am with some quiet time able to catch up 🙂  Last week I got to meet the adorable miss Caleigh.  I got to photograph this families first newborn almost two years ago now and so thankful that they were able to make it back with their second daughter 🙂

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Oh how I just adore this age.  The sweet little babies who all giggle and drool and smile and are just interested in everything they see.  I love how they want to eat everything in site – especially their own toes lol!

LOVE this image.  Her smile is just perfect!

After trying to eat the pearls…

and i think this is so sweet….Jenna and her big brother Jason.  How adorable are these two?

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I was honoured to be asked to come and photograph little Gabriel’s baptism on Sunday…but had to decline because I too, was getting baptized!  It was definitely a great day Sunday!  So since I couldn’t go to Gabe’s baptism, we brought the baptism to me 🙂

Love the details.

Gabe’s God Parents.

and of course we had to do some for fun!

Love the hats!

after our little mini session we finished off with these two adorable furry critters…lol

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As a photographer I’m sure that most photographers would agree that babies are absolutely awesome to photograph.  Then when you get TWO babies, it’s twice as nice – it’s literally twice as awesome as photographing one baby.  I know that when two car seats come through the studio, I am in complete awe…I often wonder how the parents manage two crying babies at night, give double the love and snuggles during the day and just keep a schedule with TWO babies…but they all make it look just so easy.  Now when TWO 1-year-old’s come in, it is even better than the newborn session because we can watch them giggle, and interact with each other and get to actually see their personalities.  This is the first of my twins to come back for a cake smash and I was just THRILLED!

Anna’s personality..

and this picture is so cute (makes me giggle everytime I look at it!) lol… William’s personality…


Plus with twins you have to purchase twice the stuff!  Must be fun when you get to buy blue AND pink 🙂

Also…twice the mess lol !

Did you notice their feet? They actually sit like that!  Thanks for coming back munchkins! I hope I get to see you at Christmas for the holiday mini sessions!

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