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Last year I met this adorable family and just adored their head-full-of-hair newborn son.  Yesterday, they returned for his cake smash session and what a little ham!   (Remember Chrissy – I said you wouldn’t be able to tell 🙂

Before and After…

Love the dimples

How sweet… ❤

He loved getting dirty!

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You know how much I ❤ LOVE my babies…but during this session, I honestly don’t know if I took more pictures of Knox (SWEET NAME) or his adorable sister Abigail!

Both angels ❤

Seriously…couldn’t help myself!

Just a gorgeous family all around!  I think they should make a career out of having babies lol!

Can’t help but smile.

Hmm, what do you think these two are communicating to each other?

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Monday Madness?

Wow – I am not sure where the time is going or what is happening to 2011, but it seems like it’s flying!  This past week since my last “Marvellous Monday” entry has flown!  Lots have happened this past week that make me really reflect on life and truly want to stop and smell the roses.  I have had many wonderful sessions in photography, met some great people, touched base with a few others and I now have FOUR sessions to blog…I’m getting behind and taking a deep breath with every tick that gets added to my “to do” list.

I have a story to tell of a journey I went through on Friday while working on the ambulance.  For those who don’t know – I’m a paramedic FULL TIME…and my business (also full time) is my passion – my paramedic job – well, it’s just that – my job.  Sometimes my job can get very personal.  Friday morning, I reported for work for my 7-7 shift in Caledonia.  At 8:00 we received a call for an anxiety situation to which we attended, calmed the patient down and in doing so, he ended up signing off.  That just means a patient has refused to go to the hospital, feels better and signs a form saying that paramedics came to attend to him and that he has been advised to go to the hospital but has declined to do so.  So I’m sitting in the front of the truck and filling out paper work while my partner changes our empty oxygen tank.  Now normally I wouldn’t give out information because I’m legally not allowed (patient confidentiality)…but when I tell you what I’m about to tell you- you will understand why.  So picture me sitting there filling out paper work…then I hear dispatch tell the crew that is in Caledonia on stand by for us because they thought we were still busy on a call….”respond code 4 to 159 Haddington Street in Calednonia for a __ -year-old male patient having chest pain”.  Let me interpret this for you….”respond LIGHTS AND SIRENS to MY HOUSE for MY FATHER IN LAW having CHEST PAIN!”  Yes…a call to MY OWN HOME for MY OWN FAMILY!  My heart dropped, my partner said I looked “terrified” as I turned to him and said “THATS MY HOUSE GO GO GO!!!”.  I walked in to have the other crew bolt out of my way as I headed straight to my father-in-law who looked like he was about to arrest (“die” in easier terms).  Horrified!  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…together, with the help of three other paramedics and my manager, we worked at helping my father-in-law and I am happy to say he is not home safe and sound.  You can’t understand my heart, my emotions and the unbelievable shaking that I couldn’t seem to stop my hands from doing.  The wonderful thing about being a Christian is that I always know that no matter what I do (no MATTER WHAT I DO)…everything is in the Lords hands.  I’m thankful that I was working that day, that I could help, that he had a familiar face helping him in what was a crisis at the time.  So much to be thankful for  – and we are so blessed that he is with us for hopefully years to come!

I have so much to be thankful for…and have been blessed in so many ways that I selfishly haven’t said “thank-you” for…and yet my life will go on…unlike tragedy that struck down a Toronto Police officer last week.  Today, for 3 hours, I watched the live broadcast of his funeral at the Toronto Convention Centre and just cried…my husband is an OPP officer and is still out from being one of the 12,500 officers who attended SGT Russell’s funeral.  I can’t imagine what the wife of the officer who died is going through.  Leaving behind a wife, a two -year-old son and having to be put to rest by his parents…something a parent should never have to go through.  It’s so amazing to see how emergency services from across the country came together to show their support of one of their own.  Police, EMS, and fire from across Canada attended the service today that I could only sit home and watch… So emotional.  So heart felt.  So unbelievable.  We take for granted so many things..walking, moving, laughing, talking, hugging…we don’t spend enough time doing the little things.   Not enough time hugging our children, snuggling, talking to our family and friends.  The other night it was past my daughters bedtime when she said “mom can you come snuggle for a bit”…and my answer was “not tonight hun…I’m busy”.  Can you belive that?  A wife will never again be able to hug her husband…a little boy will never be able to snuggle his dad…and I say “I’M BUSY???”  Are you KIDDING??  And why?  Because it was 10pm?  Who cares!  She’s going to be 12 soon and still wants snuggles from her mom! Does it matter that it’s past her bed time?  For that matter does it even matter that it might be just an excuse to stay up a little longer?  NO.  Life is too short.  Hug your kids!  Snuggle them!  Play with them all hours of the day and even just once a week, let them stay up until whenever they fall asleep.  Stop…and smell the roses.  That’s what God created them for – so do it.

Before I head off for the night to spend some quality time with my family, I just want to share a picture of our second sweet heart that we brought home.  Born in April of 2009, she was a puppy that went un-picked by families.  So finally – she has found her forever home.  Meet Kingston’s new sister….”Tiger”.  Good night everyone!  God bless you all…and go kiss your kids!

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What a sweet little ball of CHEEKS that came into the studio today!  Meet Mr. Calin.  Calin needs some prayers as he will be enduring some pretty major surgery coming up in the next few months…so if you could all say a little prayer for him that would be wonderful!

Today he was all flirty and smiley (for the most part) 🙂

Monkey See…Monkey Do.

and one for Grandpa

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This little guy gave us a run for our money on Friday night not wanting to sleep to well, but luckily we had a mom willig to feed on demand and a dad who had the magic touch!

I love these macro shots.  They show just how tiny your baby once was…just think when he looks back at this picture and sees how big dads wedding ring looked.

My favorite props lately have been my little lady bug and bumble bee – so I contacted “So Propular” and asked if she could make me a custom hat.  I wanted a lion – and she delivered.

Last shot of the night, and he was getting impatient with us – but we begged and pleaded with him saying mommy just wants this one last shot…and he quietly fell right back to sleep for one more.

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What a lovely couple I got to meet and work with tonight.  These two are so perfect for each other…waited their whole lives to find each other and knew they wanted a family instantly.  Awaiting their first son…here is Jill & Kyle.

I love when lighting and everything works out as it should without any touch ups or enhancements…


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Today I got to meet these two adorable baby girls ❤ I absolutely LOVE shooting twins!

Also love black and white!

Only 7 days old, their older siblings were so happy to have them here.  Being identical twins too, it was cute to hear their brother and sister try to guess who was who…

Teddy Bears.



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Good morning world wide web!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to the week ahead.  I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I have come to realize that I am so involved in work, work, work – that somehow, I need to make photography and blogging a little more personal.  For one, it keeps me remembering the week that has past, makes me really “KNOW” the highlights, low points and just all arond be thankful.  I find that days pass by so fast now, that I don’t ever really just stop and smell the roses (so-to-say).  So, every Monday, I’m going to ramble, rant, rave – just babble about my week prior.  LOL!  Some of you I’m sure will bored out of your mind and others might be going through the same hectic crazyness and just want to see that others (me) share in your insane, passing-by-too-quickly lives!

So, to start – it’s been a fabulous year so far!  We got a Great Dane puppy (our 3rd), and he is definitely MY dog.  Follows me around everywhere and is such a good dog!  Aside from pooping in the house (3 days in a row free of poop so far), he is really great!  And for a dane, he’s quite the protector!  I adore him to pieces!

Also, I had all good intentions of having my new website up and running by now (and my new blog), but it’s been a little crazy these past couple months and working two full-time jobs – I just havn’t found the time!  Yes – TWO full-time jobs.  For some who don’t know, I’m a paramedic full time in Haldimand County – and for you blog followers, I’m a full-time photographer too LOL!  Both “jobs” I love!  Paramedic was always my passion until photography came into the picture.  Now being a paramedic is just my job – and photography is my passion.  I love it SO MUCH!!!  The thought of quitting being a medic is something that has crossed my mind many many times.  But I just can’t let it go and hey, as I look at it – your babies are in good hands 🙂

Another aspect of my life that I love is that my in-laws live upstairs in their own apartment which is a part of our house.  It’s funny seeing reactions when I tell people I live with my in laws, but truely – I love it and would not have it any other way!  They are fabulous.  You ever have a friend that you don’t speak to for months, but then you pick up the phone and it’s as if they were never away from your life?  Yet if they moved away- something terrible would come over you and it would be like this huge void is missing?  That’s how I feel about my inlaws upstairs.  I love them being here and if they were to move – I would feel so sad 😦  It’s nice when I get up in the morning, sit at my computer or get ready for a session and I get a text on my phone “coffee is ready”!  YES YES YES!!! Just when I feel like a fresh cup of coffee – voila!  Plus, our kids are here and when we work, they always have someone home with them – and of course now our guard dog 😉

Also just a note about Tonia’s Tuesday Treats which have been a great success…I’m going to change it to a monthly thing instead of every week.  I think that will be better – and more anticipation too 🙂  Thanks everyone for participating in the contests – it’s been so fun!!! I love it!

Oh – how was everyone’s weekend?  I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning.  Doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and threatening my family that if there was evey ONE disk on the counter when I woke up this morning there would be serious trouble~!  More like “I’m going to SNaP”…and it was still clean when I got up! YAY!

Well, that’s all for now and since I will never be in the postition to have my own newborn again, I leave you with a picture of me and my best friends newest addition Noel.  I literally held this baby for FOUR hours ha!  This is what I want to do to all  the sweet, adorable newborns that come into the studio!  If I didn’t think it would totally creep people out – I would smother your babies in hugs and kisses and cuddles lol!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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My best friend came to visit for the afternoon yesterday with her newest addition to the family…I absolutely LOVE HIM!  I must say, that after this session, I held him for 4 hours – straight!  Lol~! I just couldn’t put him down!  I love babies (no big secret)…but as much as I photoraph them, I so badly want to snuggle them and kiss them and just hold them all the time.   Imagine coming in for a session and your photographer is kissing your child over and over and over ? LOL!  So since I can’t do that, I knew I could with this little guy and I DID!!  Meet Mr. Noel…

Two sessions in a row yesterday and NOT ONE SINGLE piece of laundry!! 2 babies – (let me rephrase…) two NAKED babies, 6 hours…and not one accident! Unheard of!

Little Lion

We can’t forget big brother Heath who is just a screaming, yelling, hilarious boy (who loves when you jump out and say BOO)!  He also loves to ham it up for the camera:


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What a little doll this baby was yesterday!  Just over one week new she ate…slept…ate…slept…never really gave in where she was relaxed white enough – but she did awesome!  I adore her name to.  Seems a litte ‘vintage’…so I went with the vintage look for her images.

For the soccer fans that her parents are…

and I just adore this one with mom 🙂

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