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Dear Santa, Thank you for all the wonderful babies that are bringing into my studio.  Thank you for bringing, warm, snuggly, sleepy, wonderful babies into the studio and for answering my letter 🙂

Santa, thank you for all the great hats!

…and for all the tiny toes!

…and for all the curly, sleepy poses the babies let me put them in.

Thank you most of all for all the wonderful mom’s who make it all happen 🙂  (and the dads too).

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Lol…funny story about couple.  The other day while Christmas shopping, my husband and I went into a bathing suit shop and saw this gorgeous pregnant belly as she helped answer our questions and showed us around the store.  As I go to try a few things on, my husband hands her a business card and says “you dropped this” (my husband is my best friend and is always doing that to pregnant women LOL)!  She looks at the card, looks at me and says “what’s your name”?  I told her it’s Tonia and she says “we spoke on the phone! I was going to book a maternity session with you but I was thinking about it…” anyway, she came in and it was an absolute pleasure getting to know her.  But small world?  I mean what are the chances that we run into 1 of hundreds of pregnant women who happened to have a business card handed to them and who I had already spoken to?!

Love camo

Tried this shot for the first time.  I love the result and can’t wait to try it again and again until I perfect it!

Dad is super excited for this little girl to arrive.  Not due until February, but we are so excited for the time to come!

So if you are wondering why the title is about Candice being able to sleep – she left the studio SO excited to see her sneak peak that she said she wouldn’t be able to sleep…so now, she can have a good night sleep!

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I first met this little princess when she was 4 months old…and she stole my heart then!  But seeing her again for her one year was just awesome! She was so happy and so full of smiles and she kept us giggling the entire session.  She even walked to me and gave me hugs (oh my heart strings!!!!)

Gwen probably has the most hair accessories I have EVER seen for a toddler and the way mom kept them organized was awesome enough I have to share (though I wish I took a picture!).  What she did was use a hanger, and dangled thin ribbon (even a bra strap that was no longer being used) and tied it to the bottom of the hanger then she literally clipped every hair piece to it – keeping them together.  Sounds easy enough – but I know I never would have thought about that.  So for all you moms who have come with your little girls accessories in a little bag or a basket – try this method out then you don’t have to search through to find the matching one!  Here is just one of Gwen’s cute hats too!

Here is one of her adorable pictures from when she was 4 months…then we put it on again for a year.  I just LOVE this little coat!

and if you don’t think she’s a little princess…well, she is now!


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Oh my gosh I couldn’t stop gushing over the cuteness of this perfect little boy!  What a gorgeous baby!  He slept the entire (90 minutes) of the session and didn’t pee on a single person or prop.  He just did so amazing and let me try out some cute, bendy poses

One of my newest hats.

It was just beautiful to watch these three together.  They are so in love with him.

He slept the whole time and even gave us a smile.

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Lol…okay so for you who have come to me for pictures, you know my famous word is “perfect”…it seems that after every single picture I take, the word “perfect” comes out of my mouth (it just slides out … all on it’s own! I can’t stop it!).  By the end of the night I even had dad saying it! Gave us a good chuckle…actually we laughed a lot during this session.  Thanks for being so fun guys! I can’t wait to meet baby Jim, Taylor, Christine, Edward, Penelope, Lyla, Jason, Jack, Ashley…okay okay – I’m sworn to secrecy!  Man I love secrets! hehehehe….


It was awesome to see these two interact and just feel the love between them.  He held her outside so she wouldn’t slip on the snowy ground, he asked her what shirt she liked better for pictures before just picking one and changing…he’s such a gentlemen and she’s such a sweet heart.  They are so amazing to watch together ❤

I have to admit – I love ultrasound pictures. I just think it’s so amazing and fascinating to see your baby before he or she is even born.  The measurement, the heart…the hands…just amazing.  Here is two pictures combined into one.  These two thought I was off my rocker taking this picture 🙂  But you should see what they were actually holding…lol

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Mason – Week 6

We tried a “newborn” session today on little mr Mason…and though he was a bit big and didn’t want to curl up or sleep at all…we still got some great shots 🙂  (just one for now..)

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This little beauty gave us a run for it when the first 90 minutes of her session she spent wide awake and feeding.  Mom was getting a little stressed out – but Diamantina and I had a little talk and she promised to sleep so that she could make mom happy (and did she ever!)

mom loved anything girly and enjoyed every prop and head piece we could find 🙂

I just LOVE when babies are so sleepy you can do anything with them…lol…

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Something a little new that I’ll be starting is Tonia’s Tuesday Treats for the month of December!  No time to celebrate like now and with the celebration of Christmas, I want to be able to help out with those who are perhaps a little harder to buy for!  So today, when you purchase a gift certificate for a photography session (child must be under 1)…you will receive the same value in prints!  So $150 session = $150 in prints!  That’s a $300 value for half the price!  YAY!

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Today I was spoiled with two adorable newborn baby boys.  Meet Christopher.  This C U T E little man had THE perfect little head!  He also stayed awake for the majority of his session not wanting to miss a thing.  It’s nice to have some babies that allow us to see their beautiful eyes.

This was one of the first shots of the session and I knew he was going to stay awake for the majority.  But, he still let me play and mould him into position.

AH HA!  We did get some sleepy shots 🙂

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Remember THIS gorgeous family?  Well today I got to meet sweet, adorable 5-day-old Isaac.   He was just perfect for his session letting me pretty much do whatever I wanted 🙂

I absolutely love doing this picture.  I try and do it at every newborn session as there seems to be nothing more amazing than seeing the woman who brought their baby into this world.  You can feel her love for him through her eyes…

2 girls at home…and now there will be two boys.  This family is complete – is perfect.

…and here’s a picture for dad and his South African heritage – for all you’s still in Africa, this shot was special for you 🙂

Last one.  Funny story.  Mom got dad a gift for the birth of the baby of which the sex they chose NOT to find out.  They had NO idea if they were having a boy or a girl, but mom gambled…had this amazing ring made for dad with all the names of their four children…including Isaac!  (remember – no idea she was having a boy!)

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