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A year ago (ALREADY!)….

…and one whole wonderful year later….

I LOVE this face!!!


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5 months old, little Zachary is one of the happiest babies I have ever met!  He giggled from the moment he came in the door and I had him giggling when he left.  He was SUCH a happy baby!  I LOVE baby giggles!  I wish they could bottle them up so we could hear them whenever…actually, there is a you-tube video HERE that shows some awesome baby giggles!!

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The skin on this sweet girl reminds me of snow white!  Big brown eyes…and her skin was just so beautiful.  Imagine if we all had skin like that of a child?  Yowzers!

This was one happy little girl who smiled without hesitation 🙂

…and of course, one for Christmas

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This was one sweet little boy who did so good for his photo session!  He’s so tiny – yet with his very long fingers and feet – he’s sure to get as big as his daddy!

Last week we had little Miss Lady Bug and this time we get to see Mr. Bumble Bee 🙂

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With baby number two on the way, who could as for a better Christmas gift!?

This little guy was so adorable!  He even held the material for a fan shot of the windblown material (TOO CUTE!).  I can’t wait to meet his little brother in December 🙂

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This was one tiny 3-week-old baby girl who slept like a champ!  So small, and so perfect …and so sleepy make so happy photographer 🙂

Playing with natural light again and I’m LOVING it!!  This means possible on-location newborn sessions in the future 🙂

A little cheating – but we got “the money shot”

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Just about the last of the holiday mini sessions and I had two very sweet little boys!  First up was Sasha (“Mr. Handsome”)

after no smiling followed by a little more – no smiling – Sasha got right into it!

a request from mom 🙂

Then we have Maxwell….a 5-month-old very HAPPY BABY!!!  Love when my newborns come back and this is truly just a sweet heart ❤

…and how about some more smiles?

This one just makes me giggle…

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