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A year ago (ALREADY!)….

…and one whole wonderful year later….

I LOVE this face!!!


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5 months old, little Zachary is one of the happiest babies I have ever met!  He giggled from the moment he came in the door and I had him giggling when he left.  He was SUCH a happy baby!  I LOVE baby giggles!  I wish they could bottle them up so we could hear them whenever…actually, there is a you-tube video HERE that shows some awesome baby giggles!!

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The skin on this sweet girl reminds me of snow white!  Big brown eyes…and her skin was just so beautiful.  Imagine if we all had skin like that of a child?  Yowzers!

This was one happy little girl who smiled without hesitation 🙂

…and of course, one for Christmas

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This was one sweet little boy who did so good for his photo session!  He’s so tiny – yet with his very long fingers and feet – he’s sure to get as big as his daddy!

Last week we had little Miss Lady Bug and this time we get to see Mr. Bumble Bee 🙂

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With baby number two on the way, who could as for a better Christmas gift!?

This little guy was so adorable!  He even held the material for a fan shot of the windblown material (TOO CUTE!).  I can’t wait to meet his little brother in December 🙂

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This was one tiny 3-week-old baby girl who slept like a champ!  So small, and so perfect …and so sleepy make so happy photographer 🙂

Playing with natural light again and I’m LOVING it!!  This means possible on-location newborn sessions in the future 🙂

A little cheating – but we got “the money shot”

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Just about the last of the holiday mini sessions and I had two very sweet little boys!  First up was Sasha (“Mr. Handsome”)

after no smiling followed by a little more – no smiling – Sasha got right into it!

a request from mom 🙂

Then we have Maxwell….a 5-month-old very HAPPY BABY!!!  Love when my newborns come back and this is truly just a sweet heart ❤

…and how about some more smiles?

This one just makes me giggle…

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Today I got to meet this little 2-week-old beauty Jacqueline.  I knew it was going to be a good shot when she smiled in her first picture of the day:

“Little Lady Bug”

Jacqueline only woke up for one brief period of time..mom fed her right back to sleep and we continued to get some great shots

Last, but not least:

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I can’t express how much I LOVE photographing kids under the age of 1 ! I love the sitting stage, crawling, giggling, laughing, surprised looks…drooling – love it all!!!  Reese was just a beautiful little girl and so perfect at our mini session this evening.

BIG smiles!

Lol…many of her cute faces…

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I just love photographing a baby belly – especially when the family is just so involved in the whole thing and especially when the father is just so in love with their beautiful wife and unborn child.  It’s in the air…it’s such an amazing thing to experience and every time I photograph this type of session…well, it makes me want a baby SO BAD! (lol – love you hun! 😉 )

They are not finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl.  Life’s BEST surprise!

these two are just amazing together!

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