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Eden – Day 6

So today I got to meet beautiful tiny baby Eden (what a gorgeous name too!)…and funny story about this little girl…I always tell moms when it comes to booking their newborn sessions to call me from the hospital on some down time (this is after they have already been added to the list of babies that are due each month)…this way we can be sure to get their little one’s in under 10 days of age.  So last week at 1:20 in the morning there was a message left from a woman who sounded very awake (as if it were 1:20 in the afternoon)…she leaves a message saying something like “Hi it’s Lina calling to book my newborn session in, my daughter was born on September 22nd…blah blah blah”…so I check my messages at 7am…and realize it IS September 22nd…so I’m thinking she must have said the wrong date because at 1:20 in the morning her daughter may have only been an hour or so old.  No, Lina had the right date.  As she sat in the recovery room getting ‘repaired’…she called me!  HOW LOVED!!! I feel so blessed to have such awesome clients!  Lina – thank you!  Lauren and Shannon – thank you so much for the referral!

Came in smiling…left still sleeping 🙂


I absolutely love this pose 🙂  It’s getting easier and easier to get too!

…and a little surprise for daddy who works for Canada Post

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I can’t express enough how much I love to photograph twins! Even though its harder to get pictures of two babies sleeping..I just love it!  I love the results!  Thanks Andrea for the referal!

Love black and white…

This is definately going to be one busy family for a little while 🙂

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Oh THE CHEEKS !!!  That’s all you could see when looking in this baby’s car seat!   Oh my goodness!!!!

He literally slept the entire session (took only just over an hour) …and then when he did have his eyes open, he just layed there like a perfect model!

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When little Riley came through the door at the tenter age of only 5 days, I thought “oh this is going to be easy he will sleep the whole time!”…but Riley had other plans.  The entire first hour (well after stripping him down), he wanted to kick and feed and let us all know he was here!  Grama came along for the ride and at about the hour mark said something among the lines of “I’m not sure I believe the website that says to bring them under 10 days…they sleep better…” BUT as I say 99.9% of the time “oh just wait…we will win this one” (and of course we had a soother which definately did the trick!)….

(above:  he was smiling…he pooped in that prop! lol!!)

So in the end…yes, the website was correct 🙂  Not all babies sleep the entire session away…but all babies do eventually fall asleep…

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I just love that I get to photograph newborns.  It’s such a joy and so sweet to watch new parents with their babies.  This is the second time around for Malia’s parents, but the first for me to work with them and their newborn…I also learned from a potential disaster of a mistake today!  We started off the session with Malia’s big brother Liam (who is just barely one) so that grandma could take him out for the remainder of the session.  I was rushed to try and get him in quickly as he didn’t really have the patience for a tiny baby who has taken all the attention away this past few days..so I quickly take some with Liam and Malia, then quickly grab some family pictures and off goes Liam and grandma for the rest of the day.  They drive away, and I go to get started with this beautiful little newborn…look down at my camera and see “E” on the top.  For those of you who aren’t sure where this is going…well, there was no memory card in my camera!!! Yup…my heart dropped too! To my surprise, mom and dad were super sweet and put all my worries to rest…they will be back tomorrow to capture those moments again.  Believe me…that will never happen to me again!  Seems life is always rush, rush…but sometimes, we just need to stop – and smell a newborn 🙂

Daddy’s girl ❤

So bendy when they are so young 🙂

Malia’s dad also takes care of commercial and life insurance so if you are in need of insurance and aren’t sure where to go…please contact him Avi at 1-888-768-8001 or send him an email:  avi@csib.org

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Yes, you read that right …”minus” five weeks…this little princess isn’t even due until October 4th, but at only 32 weeks gestation, baby Mia just couldn’t wait to get here!  She is now 5 healthy weeks old and slept like a champ!

Resting comfortably in dads hands.

Yup..I would say she is very happy to be here!

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Joseph’s very first outting was to my studio (YAY ME!)…have I mentioned that I love my job?  At only 7 days, this little sweet heart of perfection slept the entire time and peed on NOTHING!  He had the perfect little round head, and did everything we wanted him to!  He’s a total superstar!

Being all of 6 whole pounds, he was so tiny and curled up so well into every position 🙂  …didn’t even peep!

My newest prop – oh so excited!!!

Little angel he most definately was.

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I got to meet two of the most beautiful baby boys today! (I LOVE MY JOB)…first, we start off with the hansome mr. Dante.  From personal experience, the closer to 3 weeks old the average newborn is, the more awake they are, the more they groan in between positions and the less they like to be handled while all comfy. BUT Dante here, was just perfect!  The entire first hour he stayed asleep!  He protested now and then but nothing to bad!  He would  just drift back off and let me do whatever I pleased 🙂

oh and the hair! Wow…I fell in love as soon as I saw him in his car seat! What a gorgeous baby!

Day 18 and still bendy as day 1

I remember one of the pictures telling mom to close her eyes but no smile…and she couldn’t help it…the smile would come through no matter what.  How can a parent not smile…even on outside when they can hide it, they are – on the inside smiling all over!

The backdrop (which I LOVE) is a part of Dante’s crib set!  Isn’t it just stunning?…and finally, we got to see his eyes open.

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This past Saturday was our final wedding of September and it was an awesome one!  The weather was once again PERFECT leaving us with amazing backdrops for some amazing photo opportunities!  Taking place at the Rattle Snake Golf Club, the outdoor ceremony was breath-taking, the bride and groom as gorgeous as ever and the parents were a hoot!!!  Onto the sneak preview of the beautiful Melissa and her hansome new husband – Tyler.  Melissa waiting for the big moment…

Dad’s first time seeing his girl…

…and as we women looked for klenex at some close-call emotional moments…here is what the guys were doing outside!!!!  I guess this really is the “BEST man”

I absolutely love these colors:)

A beautiful thing about this couple…Melissa is donating her dress to Brides for Breast Cancer!  Isn’t that amazing?  She’s not boxing it, selling it, keeping it for year, trashing it…she’s GIVING it away to such a good cause.  She has not had breast cancer nor has anyone in her family…she’s doing it “just because”.  ❤ ❤ ❤

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Yesterday we spent the day in the heart of down town Hamilton photographing Tim & Emily’s beautiful outdoor wedding!  The Scottish Rite is a GEM in the middle of Hamilton – truly an amazing historical building with so many places for pictures it’s almost overwhelming!

I’m pretty sure Emily is my #1 blog follower as everytime we went to do another picture she would ask “oh, is this the picture where I….” or “is this when your going to…” LOL!!!

Surprise Emily! Bet you havn’t seen this one yet!!!

Not only is the Scottish Rite an amazing place for a venue…but Hess Village is only seconds from there !!! We had a lot of fun in Hess – and saw some very interesting people while down there…

Gotta love alley-ways!

Um…3 words…HOT HOT HOT!

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