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As I was editing some newborn pictures today of this beautiful baby girl I just fell in love and realized how enormously I LOVE photography!  I mean I love every aspect! I love the newborns, love the editing of them, love the end result images, love blogging it – just love it!  I especially LOVE when people come back for either mulitple sessions, or bring back their newest members after I have photographed their first babies 🙂 Two years ago I photographed baby Caidence (left) and now baby Payton (right)…so sweet!

All of 6 pounds and only 6 days new, Payton slept wonderfully!  Stopped to get a little milk-intoxicated, but never really ever fussed, or cried – was perfect!

so darn loveable!!!


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BOUDOIR!  Delicate Impressions has ventured into the Boudoir realm of photography and am loving it!  I have dabbled a little before when a few friends have asked, but when i was asked to do this session, I was excited to try a few new things!  Turns out – I really liked shooting this session! Sooooo..I have added it to my list of sessions I love to do 🙂 So with permissions from our model, here are a few pictures from our session last week.

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Yes, I said SEVEN WEEKS!  You won’t beleive this little beauty is … SEVEN WEEKS (lol).  When I first booked this session, I thought “well she’s definitely past the newborn stage but lets see what we can do”…then in comes Brynlee fast asleep in her car seat.   So I figure she is definitely going to wake up when we take her out ..but she slept.  Then I thought when we stip her down to her diaper, she’ll wake up…but she slept.  Then I think during this pose or that pose, she’ll wake up…but she slept! At 7 weeks, we got quite a few “newborn” poses!  What a little monkey she was – and just so perfect!

What a beutiful family…and so in love with their daughter.  These two were giggles the whole way through the session (which, by the way only took an hour! That’s a record for me!)

This one makes me giggle.  It’s like she’s saying “Please STOP making me do things I don’t want to do!!!! It’s over…just let me sleep!!” Lol!!!

..and then almost near the end of the session, as soon as I saw it through the lens, I was in love ❤

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I got to meet the sweetest little kids yesterday! Noah and his sister Aydenne (both of who’s cheeks I just want to pinch and pinch and pinch!)!

Aydenne just loves her brother! And she’s such a good girl! Well behaved, always looked at the camera when told to, listened…and she’s just so cute!!!

After a small crying episode while having my camera stare at him…he gave into the fun and gave a bunch of smiles!

Sweet Little Boy

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I can’t express how much I LOVE when my newborns come back!  Even when they come all the way from Markham! Makes it extra special! This little beauty came for her cake smash session and she went right to me!  As a matter of fact, when we were all standing outside at the end of the session, she wouldn’t even go back to mom and dad 🙂  (makes me feel so good!) he he he…

Jasmine – a year ago…

and a year lady…eyes and beauty all over the place!

Yup…that’s you honey…Jasmine!

She was happy from start to finish 🙂

Very fitting for the name “Jasmine”…how CUTE!!!

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Dont’ you just love that name?   Corban – biblical!  I love it! Anywho, Stefanyie from Heart to Heart Photography came to get some pictures done of Corban for his modelling portfolio.  I don’t normally do that kind of session, but how hard can it be with such an adorable one year old!!!

All smiles 🙂

When Stefanyie brought out this outfit – I LOVED IT!!! And he wore it like a rockstar!!

(taking a drink break lol!)

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What an awesome day it was on Saturday photographing this amazing, fun couple as they got married!  I almost feel like this blog entry should be titled “simplicity” as these two care-free people enjoyed their day to the fullest without having all the bling of a fancy wedding.  We started the day of at Jen’s parents house in Burlington (a hidden gem let me tell ya!) and meeting her parents, we knew this day was going to be full of laughs – and surprises 😉

Jen looked absolutely beautiful.  Love the dress, love the hair…love the simplicity!  Even their flowers…she described them as wanting it to look like they went into a field of flowers and just grabbed a bunch and put them together…so simple and just such a great idea.

Just details…

Greg – just before the ceremony.  Interesting church really…clearly under construction in the back – but made for some really great shots!  (even had a dirt floor back there but I’ll save those one’s for the bride and groom!)

These two are so outgoing and willing to do anything…as we are leaving Bronte Park after our pictures, we pass a huge family having a HUGE bbq…steak, shrimp, scallops…so I think it was Will who came up with the idea (maybe Greg?) but we venture over to the bbq and well….

Jen and Greg…congratulations on your marriage!  It was the PERFECT wedding day and everything looked ‘simply’ beautiful.  Thanks again for having Will and I capture this awesome day for you! Enjoy your honeymoon (and we will need to get the name of that resourt from you when you get back – sounds amazing!!)

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