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Yes – you read that right! Next Saturday these two are getting hitched!  Hey, better late than never for their engagement session 🙂

I have to thank my husband for finding this amazing abandon LOG HOME!! Yup – no one has lived there for YEARS!!! It’s so nice…SO NICE!If I’m not busy playing with the sun in my pictures…I’m usually found playing with the ring too!

This was a funny one…Heidi running into Todd’s arms…and they couldn’t stop laughing!  Made me gigle 🙂

See you Saturday !!

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What a beautiful baby girl this one is my goodness!!!  Big brown eyes, the sweetest pudgy lips…and blows a lot of bubbles lol!

I have to say that I felt so honored when this family came in to see me…all the way from Brampton!  They drove almost 2 hours to get here in construction no less to have me capture their beautiful baby girl – and I am so glad they did!!  I love children…and when they are this ckeeky, and sweet, and happy – it just makes it THAT much better!!!!

And just check out the size of this smile!

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Due in just 3 and a half weeks, Adria is just glowing!  She looks fabulous and is so excited to meet her little boy – Thomas! I have a secret – I am excited to meet him too!!!!

A wonderful at-home water birth is planned for the arrival of little Thomas.  How much more relaxing and awesome an entry into the world can that be!

So although my website says that the ultimate time for a maternity session is in the 7th month…it really all depends on mom and how she feels, how she thinks she look, how comfortable she is.  I have had moms come in the week they are due…so don’t hesitate to call me even if you are a day away from your due date! If your up for it, and I have a space open – I will do what I can to get you in 🙂  This really is such a beautiful time in the lives of women…and should be captured for years to come!

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Bengal CATS!!! Amazing!

Before I met Jenny, I had no idea these cats even existed!  Bengal Cats!  They look like leapards! Aren’t they so NEAT looking!!!  6 cats in my studio and I was in Heaven!  We can’t have cats because my husband is allergic to them (though these ones are hypoallergetic!

I don’t even know what to say to this one LOL!!

If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing one of these rare, but beautiful cats, please contact Jenny of Auraidia Bengals (website under construction) at:  auraidiabengals@hotmail.ca

Mom just making sure everything is okay with her baby 🙂  – aren’t their markers amazing!?


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Meet the gorgeous couple April & Mike who will be tieing the knot in the Dominican next May!  (I’m still working on them taking us with them! 😉 )  Last night we met in Port Dover for a gorgeous evening on the beach for a sunset engagement session!  I love couples who are spontanious, fun, out-going and willing to do anything!  I can’t get enough of the water and when people will dive in full tilt – I GET SUPER EXCITED!!!!


These two are so hot together…they are so pose-able to! (is that a word?)

SEE!!! THIS is why I LOVE water shots!!!!

April and Mike it was so great meeting you both! I had a blast at this session and hope you love the sneak peak as much as I loved “oooh-ing” and “awww-ing” at the pictures as they started one-by-one coming up on my computer screen!  I even had my husband in there “ooooh-ing” and “awwww-ing”!!!!

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This little munchkin came to the studio last night not quite sleeping and stayed that way for about an hour…and just when we were thinking “I don’t think he is going to sleep”…mom gets him milk drunk and voila!  He gave up! He let us do anything almost anything!

Mr Jaden was easily startled so we had to be very gentle and very quiet and all movements had to be smooth in order to keep him comfy 🙂  Mom and dad did a great job snuggling him in this one.

Thanks Jamie once again for another awesome referral!  Get your babies feet and hands plaqued while they are still so tiny!  Please visit Wee Piggies for more details!

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Remember Ben-Ben?

Oh who doesn’t remember this sweet whippet!?  Remember Benjamin (aka BEN BEN) from about three months ago?  Well today I got to see a 3-month-old Whippet – BenBen’s niece!  Delivered by c-section and weighing only 5 ounces at birth…I would say she is quite the little thriving beauty!  Sarah – just one for now : )


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