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Meet sweet, sweet (and fiesty) baby Ricardo!  Little man was a little feisty at first and didn’t want to sleep, but mom had all the goods ready – soother, bottle…and voila!

Another gorgeous baby with a head full of black hair – felt like a teddy bear! Cute like one too 😉Last but not least – a request from mom.  Worked out great!

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I’m not exactly sure where to start with this blog posting…it means a lot for me to photograph this beautiful family…to start off with – a couple years ago, I was called to MUMC for a Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep session.  The baby was a little older than a newborn and he was going to be let home so that when it was time for him to pass away, he would be home with his parents…. It’s never nice to get called to photograph those sessions, but I feel so a part of each family that it’s an honor to give back something they can cherish forever.  Kayne was 6 months old I beleive at the time of our session at MUMC and meeting his  mom Stacy and his dad Tyler – they were a young, beautiful couple VERY much in love with their son.  They were told that Kayne’s lungs would never grow so that he could only sustain life on his permanent ventilator until his lungs just couldn’t handle it anymore.  Well they took Kayne home…they celebrated his one year birthday…then is second birthday…then he went off the ventilator during the day…his lungs began to grow just like that of a normal childs lungs…and someday, this family will be able to teach him to eat and to talk (he is learning to sign right now because he still has a trach)…and Kayne will be able to run and play …and needless to say this is a very happy ending to what was supposed to be a tragic story!  Tyler and Stacy are engaged to be married next July and I cannot be more blessed to be a part of their lives and to capture this amazing time for their family.  They are so in love with each other and SO in love with their son – it BEAMS!  Today we met at the Leander Boat Club for their engagement session and their hansome little man joined in all the fun!

Like I said…BEAMING!

I shot a wedding reception at the Leander boat club a few weeks back but we never ended up getting down to the water, so when I got to choose the location of this e-session…I jumped all over it!  This is SUCH a beautiful spot!  And who knew? In the heart of down town hamilton!

Kayne is such a happy boy, and so full of love and joy … I love his smiles – but I chose this picture because it’s his eyes that tell a thousand words…

As Tyler put it…here is his “HOT” wife-to-be

…and as Stacy puts it…her “handsome” husband-to-be

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Sawyer is one of those babies that as soon as you see her (and her awesome head of hair) you just want to pick her up and snuggle!!!  This is such a beautiful family – I think they should have lots of babies!!!

Her head was like touching a teddy bear 🙂

And hansome Mr. Reese!  Does he not look like he totally belongs in the 50’s?

Most 3-year-olds when you say “okay pretend your sleeping” blink really hard and hold a little bit of a smile (if not – a huge smile)…well this little man did it perfectly!

See? Aren’t they STUNNING?

Sorry for the delay in getting your blog up (hope it was worth the wait) and thank you for the ebay tip!  I’ll check it out for sure! That’s a GREAT price!!!!

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Oh my gosh…today I got to meet two of the CUTTEST babies ever!  First came Jude…poor Jude!  This first shot shows Jude just being a happy, sleepy newborn…BUT….

…YES I said “BUT”…..if this picture doesn’t say a thousand words…LOL (permission from mom and dad to post)…

After all the giggling and mom finally being able to peel herself off the couch…we managed to get a sweet picture of this wonderful family from London 🙂


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Mia & Stella

I just LOVE pet sessions!  They come in, and they are so loveable and snuggly and they give more kisses than teenagers on a first date!  They are just so sweet!!!  First – meet Miss BLING!  “Mia”

Lol…little Princess!

And then all girl – but less “fru-fru” STELLA!

Both of these dogs were so well behaved!  This is what they would do waiting  for their turn to get pictures done 🙂  How cute!

requested by mom 🙂

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Oops – a little late getting this posting up (sorry mom and dad!)…but alas…meet sweet cheeks Gabriella!  At day 13, she slept perfectly for us and let me do quite a bit.  I had to give her some lovin for a few shots, she gave in and voila!

G loved this pose, but not so much the whole putting her up on her hands though!  I think it was probably hard for her to hold up those cheeks! 😉

Nice and warm in daddy’s arms.

Just look at her little rolls…oooooh I love this baby!!

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Wow, time flies!  I can’t believe I have done this little girls pictures – once while in mom’s tummy, then newborn, then 6 months…and now already one!!  I can’t believe how time flies!

Olivia loved this little bed! Loved it!

:)…lol!  Olivia was seriously one of the funniest little kids I have ever photographed…she would pull this one second, then giggle the next…

The best part of doing the one year session – is the cake smash!

Please mom? Please can I have just one more bite?"

Too cute!  Can’t wait to see you all again Jamie!  Hope you enjoy your daily does of the blog with your Olivia being today’s star!

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I have been asked by Kimberly from etsy if I could take some pictures for her show room for some beautiful etsy props.  I’m looking for a newborn model so I can use all the stuff sent to me by Kimberly 🙂  I’m looking for a newborn model for Wednesday July 29th and preferably under 10 days.  The session is FREE and you can choose to purchase prints if you like : )  The only catch is – I have boy and girl props that I need to use on your little one 😉 

If you are interested or know someone with a new baby who is interested please contact me via email at tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca or call me! 289-244-6434

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This little boy came into the studio and my heart just  melted!  What a tiny, sweet, sleepy<3 gorgeous baby!

Coda arrived a month early – and he’s clearly very healthy – and very happy to be here!

Coda came in sleeping and stayed sleeping, and didn’t leave me a single piece of laundry 🙂

Love newborns!  Love them!  Just look how bendy and CUTE they are!

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So as most of you know, I am a full time Paramedic in Haldimand county (my “job”) and I am pretty much full time with Delicate Impressions Photography (“my passion”) and because of having this crazy schedule I only take my absolute FAVORITE sessions – Maternity, Newborn and Weddings.  I end up sending a ton of business away for those who inquire into family sessions and older children.  I chose not to do older children or family portraits because I ‘thought’ it would be boring for me and…well…I think I’m in trouble!  I said yes to a previous client who’s newborn session I did a year and a half ago, partially because she wanted to come back, and partially because I wanted to see if older children are something that might peak my interest…and the answer is a definite YES!!!  Today we started in the studio, but the weather was too perfect to pass up so we ended up outside and I LOVED IT!!!

I have to wonder if 1 1/2 year old Ben and 3 1/2 year old Grace can read?  It almost looks like they really do think they are in trouble here?

…Nicole – where did you go? Lol…a little breeze covered up mom here but it was so nice out!!!

Happy Grace

Lol…there were lots of these to choose from (I giggled the whole time!)

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