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After a trying time getting Jacqueline in for her maternity session, we FINALLY got a date that worked for us all!  Tonight I got to meet Jacqueline and Mike who are looking so forward to finding out if this little ‘bun in the oven’ is a boy or a girl.  I love surprises so I can’t wait to hear what we get – notice I say “we”…lol

Love how this one turned out (YAY)!

…never gets old.  I just love catching couples laugh! I LOVE IT!

Jacqueline and Mike, you are two of the easiest going people I have worked with – thank you for letting me try new things and for just being you 🙂  I’ll be in touch when your gallery is ready.

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Max – Day 5

mmmm don’t you just love the name MAX!?  I love that name!!  Today Max will turn 6 days  –  but as of photography time – he was still only 5 days 🙂  and slept wonderfully 🙂  The loving parents of this cute little boy were so excited to have pictures done that they called while mom was in labour!!!

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Oh the sweetness that came to the studio today!  I LOVE her!! She slept the whole time…and mom was so great making sure to have Jessie in under 10 days 🙂  Remember this fit bombshell?  Well here is the beautiful baby girl that is going to be following in her footsteps 🙂

She melted into this pose no problems 🙂

and of course we incorporated these special butterflies that were in moms maternity session as well.

There were so many pictures I could have posted on here but I have to keep mom somewhat surprised when her gallery goes up.  So Marilyn, enjoy your gallery and I will be in touch in a couple weeks! Thanks again for coming in as soon as you could – it definitely paid off!

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This has to be one of the sweetest couples I have ever photographed!  One of the sweetest weddings I have ever been a part of.  Jill is a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl who likes Prince and would ride a Harley 24-, 365 if she could…and John – well sweet, sweet John has been hearing impaired since birth.  Two totally different worlds – set up on a date that ends in marriage 🙂  Imagine the communication of that first date…and it only took 3 dates and Jill was IN LOVE!!  I had such a good time with this couple on their wedding day and I feel truly blessed that they were put in my hands for this “job” of photographing their wedding!

I think sign language is one of the most amazing ways of communication ever invented!  I love it!  I have always known how to sign the alphabet, but I had been studying things for this wedding like “congratulations, bride, pretty, handsome, kiss, please and thank-you, look there, stand here…” (but John reads lips so amazingly that I found communicating with him so easy!).  I must say when they signed their vows – I got a little emotional…

Before we left the church…we grabbed this shot.  Love the lighting in this hall

This is typically what Jill liked to do when we said stuff like “smile” “look here”…you know the typical traditional shots done at weddings.  Jill kept everyone laughing..

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The excitement is building for this family of 3, soon to be 4.  Little Jayden here is just tickled PINK over the fact that he will soon have a baby sister!

I’m not sure his smile can get any bigger.  Neither could mine after he RAN to me and gave me a great big bear hug 🙂

See you all in August!

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Today I got to meet the beautiful litte Magnolia.  What a historic name…has such ‘vintage’ to it – I love it!

I think Magnolia looks just like her mom 🙂

A request by mom…and I just adore how it turned out!

and a new prop by the fabulous Kimberly off Etsy!

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Today I met up with Jen and Chad for their engagement pictures at Hutch’s in Stoney Creek.  What a busy place to be on such a beautiful day!  The weather was gorgeous and the breeze was so perfect – we didn’t even break a sweat!  Jen and Chad will be married September 10th of this year – at sunset!  I am so excited to do a sunset wedding – and what  a perfect couple to do it with!  The picture above – I swear I didn’t touch their eyes in photoshop! ALL natural!  Are they not just stunning!

right beside Hutch’s is Baranga’s…a lovely restaurant with a BIG RED DOOR!  Love RED…love the DOOR!

gotta love the black and white

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Oh the fun we had today at Hutch’s down in Stoney Creek!  Erica was a ball of giggles and kept us all laughing with her beautifully addictive smile!  We were prepared for the thunder storms and hail like storms that were SUPPOSED to be here today and instead we ended up with gorgeous weather and a just beautiful day all around for an engagement session.  These two aren’t scheduled to me Mr and Mrs. until July 2011 (now THIS is planning ahead!)

As a woman who was engaged once…I totally remember constantly looking at my ring thinking “wow – I’m getting married”!!! Wonder what Erica is thinking in this one 🙂

the beach was gorgeous and there was no one around – giving us the perfect clear water, sand…backdrop.

After a fun and wonderful session, we were all so hot that I suggested perhaps a dip in the lake 🙂 and they said YES!  So after running into the water and watching these two laugh histerically and almost fall into the water – we end with some fun images 😉

Just about fell in!

and last but not least…

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Today I met up with Sarah and Jay who are getting married this October.  Jay (who isn’t too fond of the camera) and Sarah (a little nervous for her first ever photoshoot) did FABULOUS and are just stunning together!  These high school sweet hearts will be celebrating Jay’s 30th birthday tomorrow 🙂  Happy Birthday!

I absolutely love working with a couple for the first time…you always get to capture the giggles when you first say “okay – now kiss!” ALWAYS get giggles!  Finally – we got one 🙂 (I’ll save the giggles for Sarah and Jay’s gallery)

LOVE my macro lens! LOVE IT!

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Remember this beautiful little girl from last year?

…what a beautiful little girl…

This little girl has a huge head start on the whole “woman and shoes” thing we all end up going through lol….

Last but not least – Kylie’s mom went to London to pick up this awesome cake made by Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes!

..and of course – they left me some FABULOUS cupcakeS!!!!!

mmmmm….i am eating the top left one as i type this with one hand  YUMMY!!!

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