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So after shooting sweet little Ashley and being so lucky…doesn’t baby James come in the studio and do exactly the same!  BUT – didn’t have one accident!!  He slept the whole time, had a couple little snacks in between poses and just gave us all the sleepy, curly shots we wanted! Even a few new ones!

A word that comes to mind when I look at this one…. B E A U T I F U L

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This little sweet heart came in and did SO WELL during her session!  Only peed once and slept pretty much the entire time!  (not usually how newborn sessions turn out lol).  Thanks little Ashley 🙂

Love how her little foot is sticking out the bottom…

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I have to admit…I’m giggling looking at this first picture 🙂  Remember Andrew from almost one year ago?  (this has to be one of my most talked about pictures LOL!)…

…and here he is a year later!  He loved the camera.  Perhaps we have a future photographer on our hands?

The first cake-smash I think I have ever had where he didn’t eat the cake??  He played and played…

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Lets just say..in the first 5 minutes, this little peanut (all of 5 pounds) …peed, pooped and burped…and left me with a ‘load’ of laundry 😉 including my pants!  LOL! 

So tiny he even fit right in dads hockey helmet!

…and mom thought little Evan wouldn’t sleep ;-)not only did he sleep but we finished this session in only 90


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Remember this tiny tot from February?  Baby Chloe from Wee Piggies and Paws…well today she came for a mini session to capture some pictures of her up coming baptism this Sunday.  She has changed SO MUCH!!!

Just over 3 months, Chloe gave me some big smiles!

Proud Mommy.  This is Jamie who does all the castings for Wee Piggies.

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Saturday May 15th was a beautiful day for a wedding!  It was a gorgeous day all around and Will and I headed out for a 12 hour day to be spent photographing Hilleree & Erik!  (did I just say “day” 3 times in one sentence?!)

I have to say that I love when a splash of color like this HOT pink is added to accent a wedding!  This was the brides shoes 🙂

Chicks & bikes…gotta love it!

Love how this one turned out!  Since we were lucky enough to stay for the reception coverage…stay tuned!  I plan on blogging some seriously FUNNY dance pictures!  Hilleree and Erik, for now this is all you get 😉  Enjoy your honeymoon and I’ll be in touch soon!  Will and I had a great time and enjoyed capturing this awesome day in your lives!  God Bless!

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Okay, so today I realized that I LOVE pet photography! I mean, the other night while photographing “Ben-Ben” the Whippit, I was thinking “this rocks!~!” but tonight just firmed it up when this ball of fluff ran right into the studio giving plenty of kisses and lovin to go around!  This is Maya – a 4-year-old Shih-poo.  Such a sweet heart!!

When I was first going through the pictures, I was thinking of the blog title and this dog’s tongue came to mind LOL!!

Ummm…we couldn’t resist!?  hehehe 😉

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I really wasn’t sure what to call this blog posting as I was thinking perhaps “Miss Fitness” would do as well!  Today I got to meet the beautiful (and very fit) Marilyn.  Truly an inspirational woman who has kept fit all her life and is now finally having her dream come true of expecting her first baby.  Also an ultrasound tech – still managed to keep it a secret.  She has no idea what she’s having and I can’t wait to meet her newest addition next month!

I feel like it’s been forever since shooting a maternity session, so my mind was just going crazy with ideas and things to do … and to take advantage of ‘miss fitness’ (hehehe)…this pose I normally do with material, but we did this one with a sports top, runners and in the ‘crunch’ position…yup – due in FOUR WEEKS!

These butterflies mean something special to this family who lost a loved one to breast cancer in 2005….

Last but not least, probably my favorite picture of the session…I’m always looking at new ways to use material..and when I thought of this one – I was extatic to get it on my computer and see how it turned out…voila!  LOVE IT!

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Another AWESOME name in the world of newborns…I just love it “Mackai”!  Meet little hansome Mackai at the tender age of 7 days!  He was perfect!  (& only went to the bathroom on dadd 😉 )

So tiny! Especially in dads arms!

One word comes to mind when I look at this beautiful new family…”charming”.  Aren’t they!?

Congratulation Marcus and Sarah!  You have such a beautiful baby boy!  I can see how in love you both are with him and I know you will do just fabulous!  Great job 🙂

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I have recently decided that I wanted to venture into Pet Photography…I love animals (ALL animals) and I have had a lot of people ask about bringing their pets to shoots and especially for those animals owners and lovers who don’t have “children” and treat their pets like family and their children – why not be able to offer photography to those families too!  So today I got to meet “Ben-Ben”…a beautiful Whippet.  He had such a cute personality about him and just loved giving kisses!  My daughter came into this session and just loved it! I might have a little photographer on my hands 🙂  meet Benjamin:

Kisses for mom xoxoxox

…and one for dad who couldn’t be at the session…

What a blast…and a totally different realm of photography!  I LOVED IT!!  Thanks Ben-Ben 😉

For those inquiring into pet photography, the session only takes about a half an hour of your time and the cost is $75 (plus gst) and include your pictures on CD!  This is only a trial until September 2010 so get your pets in!  Parrots, dogs, cats, snakes, bunny’s,…I’ll photography ANY pet !  Thanks for checking in! Don’t forget to leave some lovin 🙂

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