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This little munchkin did NOT want to sleep but mom worked her magic and voila!

OH and again…!

almost the last picture of the session…STILL sleeping!  Great job mom!! 😉

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This is little 4-week-old Owen.  Seeing how his nursery is nothing but monkey’s, I think this first picture is quite suited for this blog posting 🙂

I assure you that I did NOT pose him like this!! I put him down and he put his arms up!

love when people bring their own props…how cute!

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Oh the eyes on this beautiful 3-month-old baby girl…Adalyn (what another awesome name!).  Doesn’t she look like a china doll!?

All smiles too!

Adalyn made some pretty sweet faces for these family pictures.  3 months old!  Looking right where she is supposed to be 🙂

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I was so excited when this family came in and I saw little Chloe!  Just check out her hair!  What a sweet heart 🙂

…and I must admit…I did not even take this picture!  Chloe was very interested in me so when mom tried to keep her occupied with her toes, she would roll over, so I tried and she played with them…so I would run back to the camera and she would roll over…so there was mom right down on the floor, Nikon D700 in hand and snapping away!!!  GREAT JOB MOM!


“aw c’mon I’m too cute for a time out!”

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Another beautiful baby boy came to the studio yesterday – and didn’t want to miss anything!  thank you mom and dad for bringing a soother…we got some awesome shots that I’m not sure we could have gotten without it 🙂

Don’t you just LOVE his lips!!!

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Oh my gosh!!!  I heart this baby girl!  What a sweet, cute, chubby, adorable little DOLL!  Little “Tori” was awake for a good part of her session (though you wouldn’t really know it)…but she eventually caved in and gave us some great sleepy shots.  But seriously – if she wasn’t awake and slept the entire time…we would not have captured this next shot which is what I would call PRICELESS! 😉

even though i have props here, I really love it when people bring their own because then i get shots like this one! And I HEART this shot! lol…

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Quite the catchy title eh?  Meet 10-month-old Claire (almost a twin of my daughter 11 years ago!)…this is my daughters sister…and why do I not say “my daughter?”…because she’s not.  Mia (my little girl) – her dad is married to a wonderful woman and 10 months ago, they happily announced the arrival of baby Claire.  I was thrilled when Susie called me to capture this time for them!  What a blessing to be able to communicate with the father of my child in such a way that our children can be comfortable, our current spouses can be comfortable and just the fact that everyone can get along 🙂  I had so much fun photographing Claire!  Mia was brilliant in keeping Claire happy and smiling…thank you Mia!  My future photographer:-)

they are playing free tag…but who’s it?

Mia and Claire :-

and one for daddy…

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Meet 3-month-old Jack and his little protector Grace!  (full of lovin I must add!)Sitting prety 🙂So awake and alert…just look at his big beautiful eyes!

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I think Marko and I had a game of Marko–Polo, only “Marko” meant awake and busy and “Polo” meant sleepy! I’m not sure but I think he won?! (though you wouldn’t know it looking at these shots he he he)

The cuttest chunky cheeks!

Since 4 generations couldn’t make it to the photoshoot…we made sure they could still be a part of it 🙂  this one’s for dad

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If only we could remember being as young as ONE year.  The freedom, the lack of responsibility, get fed when hungry, changed when dirty, bathed, loved, kissed…imagine being ONE.  It’s a blessing to have pictures when we can’t remember being that young…

and this picture…is worth a thousand words…

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