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Aka:  Princess Poopy-Pants!  This beautiful 5 day-old sweet bundle that I just wanted to KEEP forever…pooped on almost everything I own LOL 😉  It was quite commical and we just went with the flow and carried on for our session.  She gave us some amazing shots today! Too many to choose from so I put a few more than I usually do in this session – but I couldn’t help it!!! Just check out this little smile to start us out!

Claire’s mom found out about me through Springy’s (an amazing baby store that sell high-end baby gear) and I found out that mom owns a print shop down town Hamilton called Wilson Business Solutions.  They do Graphic Design, Digital printing, Offset Printing, Signs, Photocopies, Faxes and much much more!!!  They will probably be doing the wrap on my car so be sure to honk if you see us driving around sometime later this spring!

This one’s for mom who LOVES black and red!

Ever heard of a group called Black Tea?  Well this little beauty’s daddy is in that band!

When mom called today to say her little beauty had arrived, I said “okay you available for Monday” and her response was “do you have anything sooner?”  I LOVE THESE MOMS!!  Honestly, I can’t say it enough – under 10 days old is so PERFECT for a photo session (and not just because I want to snuggle the sweet, fuzzy, tiny, cuddly newborns)…but because they still roll up as if in the womb, and they still sleep through poking, prodding, rolling, folding…into any position!  It’s amazing the difference the age makes (though yesterday’s 3-week-old sure made it easy!) but that’s rare!  So come on in little babies!  Especially when your brand spankin new!

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Ever wonder where that term even comes from?  “Slept like a baby”?  I often wonder…babies wake up every couple hours to feed, get their diapers changed, to cry…they wake a LOT and through out the night and yet when we have a great sleep we say “slept like a baby”…maybe they mean that when babies are actually asleep they sleep so sound that we can do anything to them (like these adorable cute little poses) and they dont move?  Well if that’s the case…Thomas (at THREE WEEKS) slept like a baby!!! He was perfection!

Maybe it’s because he has his big sister around taking care of him.  She loves him “with her whole heart”…this little girl stole my heart!  What a sweet, sweet child!

Mom was so patient and just so in love with her family!  Thought we would let her get some rest during the shoot 😉

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Ahhh…little Grayson is only 2 weeks old and although he protested much of what we did…you would never know it!  Just look at how sweet he is!

We even managed to rock him fast to sleep…

McGowan Office Interiors…they sell office furniture and systems and they even have consultants and facilities planners…but if you have any question on how comfortable their furniture is…just check out how little Grayson found comfort on this office chair!!

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Meet beautiful little Carly who came to the studio to celebrate her first birthday with a cake smash session!  Now this is what I would call the “please mommy, may I please have some candy, pop-corn, ice-cream, cake” eyes! Better known as “puupy-dog” eyes…

I find the one-year sessions such a blast!  You never know what you are going to get out of the little learning-to-walkers!  Usually I hear the line ‘she alwasy smiles” or “I don’t know, he usually laughs at that”…and then we have some shots of the deer-in-the-head-lights because of the lights that go off and all of us grown-ups making funny noices and saying weird things to get even a hint of a smile.  But the odd time I must say, no matter what we do…it just doesn’t work.  Poor little Carly…maybe she was scared of what we were doing?  😉

…when all else fails…BRING ON THE CAKE!!

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Meet little miss Emily only 6 days new!  She slept for the first few minutes but wanted to see the world!  I love when they sleep but I love getting their big beautiful eyes when they are wide awake!

While having three baby chicks in the studio for the day, I had to take advantage of using them 🙂  I think I’m going to blow this one up for the studio!

Sweet little Emily

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I’m not exactly sure where to begin with this photosession.  I first met Lauren and Shannen when their little baby Hayden came into the world last June!  Since then I have watched their love of this little girl grow and grow and grow and they share it with me every 3 months.  I have now photographed Hayden at newborn, 3 months, 6 months and now 9 months.  These parents are not only so in love with their daughter, but they go absolutely CRAZY during photoshoots!  For Hayden’s 3 month session, Lauren unloaded at least 15 pumpkins and halloween related items into the studio.  At the 6 month session, they went shopping crazy at Pier 1 and brought a million Christmas props to that session.  Now … with Easter just around the corner, it didn’t surprise me in the least to hear her idea of baby chicks!  Voila…

Hayden was literally hatched by 2 chicks!  (I almost peed my pants when Lauren and Shannen came up with that title!!!)

This family is truly amazing!  I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph them 🙂

Happy Easter!

Lol…definately Lauren “through and through” as Shannen puts it

A little close-up of the newest addition to the photoshoot 😉

Ladies, I can’t wait until June! Well…I can and I can’t.  It has been a GREAT year so far with you and in June it will be all over until baby #2 comes along (so make it quick would you!! LOL).

By the way…if you all think this session was fun – wait until you see what they have in store for Hayden’s ONE YEAR SESSION!

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I am seriously in love with this womans shoes! Lol! Is that possible?  I tried to make this session about her baby…really! I tried! But the shoes kept creeping into the shoot! 😉  Aren’t they isn’t she stunning!!?

I think RED is just beautiful on this mom-to-be!  Thanks for making the trip out tonight and I hope you enjoy your sneak peak! I know there is only a couple but there are lots more to come!!!

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