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The beautiful baby Lyla has finally arrived! Remember the sisters maternity session from last month?  This is one of the babies who made the books ends for the Friends videos…and what a CHARMER!  Lyla wanted to protest today too…but once we put some cute little hats on her – we were golden!  (I think it’s fair to say I’m officially OBSESSED with hats!)

This hat compliments her teddy bear cheeks!

Ohhh I love this one too~~!

Congratulations Lori – she is just beautiful! 

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Okay so we all know I have a week spot for cheeks! So when I met little Madeleine, the first thing I could see when sneaking a peak into her car seat was 9 pounds of CHEEKS! I think I died and went to heaven!  Something about babies over 9 pounds just makes me melt!  And check out the hair!  And the smile!~

Though this little princess wanted to protest between positions, you would never be able to tell looking at the pictures.  She was perfect!  And CHEEKY! 😉

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I got to meet beautiful Sarah last week and the poor girl has been waiting longer than normal for this blog post!  Thank you Sarah for your patience …it’s been a crazy busy (but wonderful weekend) and I’m finally able to do some catching up!  Sarah is due this May and is pulling off this pregnancy thing just beautifully!  I can’t wait to meet this little one – so loved already.

Though I would love to take credit for the above pose – I have seen it in a few different places.  First – by my all time FAVOURITE photographer out of Las Angeles California – Carrie.  Then I saw it done by Marie…I have been waiting to do this pose, but you have to have a willing volunteer and then someone who is willing to allow this one to go on the website.  Thank you Sarah 🙂

She literally glows!

Sarah, again I apologize for the great delay in this post…but I hope it was worth the wait!  See you all in May 🙂

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I could not have asked for a better turn out with such a WONDERFUL AMAZING group of photographers!  Andrea, Katie, Tracy, Ashley, Annette, and Stefanyie – you were all awesome!  Thank for you the laughs, the patience and the great weekend!  I hope you had  a wonderful time and got some really great shots!  This is my first workshop and I was inspired by my husband to have one due to the amount of questions posed to me on certain shots that I take and since I LOVE to share, I took his advice and held a Bellies-To-Babies workshop where I could share tips, tricks and secrets to a successful maternity and newborn session!  This first shot was thanks to our wonderful first model of the weekend – Katie!

Thank you to Ashley – our other beautiful mom who volunteered her time and let 7 of us photograph her for a few hours.  Ahsley – you look stunning! This is my favourite picture of the day! 

Sunday we moved on to two beautiful 7-day-old baby boys! Meet Mr. Broxton (how cool is THAT name!).  He was absolutely perfect! He made my job easy and left us with no laundry (after 3 hours of photographing him!).  Arli – I can’t thank you enough (on behalf of all of us) for sharing your new baby with us!  He is perfect – and has the cheeks to die for! 🙂

I call this “find the baby” LOL!!!!  We all got together with the AC-DC loving baby Broxton…and a few props 😉

After little “B” we had the chance to meet baby Nolan!  Another 7-day-old ball of SWEETNESS!  Here is Tracy catching beautiful mom and baby…

Annette getting little Nolan while haning in a pod that Stefanyie wanted to try out 🙂  Poor dad – held up all 7 pounds of this little guy – sounds easy but try holding a 7-pound-weight for 10 minutes without moving!

End result of that picture:

Thank you models and parents for allowing us all to capture this time and ‘practise’ with you and your little bundles.  Your bellies were perfect, your babies were amazingly perfect and we all had such a GREAT time!!!  Thank you Photographers for participating in my first workshop!  It was such a success that I am definately going to do this again!  If you are interested in learning more about maternity and newborn photography and need somewhere to start (or a start to furthering your already-existing portfolio) please contact me and let me know !  I will probably be holding another workshop either the May – or in the summer!  Also stay tuned to my site or the sites of the other photographers for a possible trash-the-dress outdoor – waterfall session!  Will most likely take place on a weekday this summer! If you are interested – please send me an email.  tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca


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Don’t you just love the name Payton?  I LOVE that name!!!  This sweet heart is 6 weeks and I felt like I had a 7-day old during our session! She was tiny – and even fell asleep!

The thing I love about this age…is the focusing…Payton could follow me with her eyes which was just great!  It’s so nice to see babies with their eyes open…

Such a sweet girl!

Love this picture…what a doll!

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This weekend I am hosting a bellies-to-babies workshop teaching 5 photographers some tips and tricks to maternity and newborn photography.  I am looking for someone around 7-8 months pregnant who is willing to come in on Saturday at 10a.m.  The session is FREE, and you will receive a copy of all the pictures taken by the 5 photographers as our thanks to you for your time.  Husband is welcome, but no other children as space and time is limited.  Please call if you are interested 289-244-6434.  You will be asked to sign a model release.  Only one spot left!

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Mr Serious…couldn’t get him to smile and yet in order to get him happy and laughing, mom and dad bring out their cameras! As soon as they do – he laughs, giggles, smiles and hams it up…but nooooooooooooooooo…my camera comes out – and nothing!  So I call him Mr. Serious!

Look at him…all business like!  “yes Mr. Serious, I would like the job!”

I guess we have a hint of a smile here!…maybe the next picture?

ummmmmm…nope.  LOL!  Mr Serious didn’t even like his cake.   Poor little guy.  All in all it was such a fun session! If you could have stood outside the studio and listened to all of us making noices and loud toys and clapping and the weirdness that came from our mouths to get him to laugh…oh you would have been in stitches!  Nar, it was nice to finally meet you and your beautiful family.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peak, I look forward to seeing you all again!

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Meet Little Mister Landen (love that name!).  We had to reschedule this one a couple times because he wanted to stay all warm and cozy inside mom, but today I finally got to meet him!

Just check out that cute chubby-ness!  What a sweet heart!

Daddy's little Fireman

What a beautiful family…

…and a favourite shot for mom…

Enjoy your sneak peak Erin and Adam!  It was great to finally meet you and to capture this awesome and all-to-quickly-passing-time for you!  He’s just gorgeous!

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This is one of the sweetest families!  Leaving it right until the last minute, we still managed to get this maternity session in before the baby came!  Denise, thank you for coming in and for being so great considering you are due so SOON!!!  You look fabulous!  Owen – you melt my heart!

I look at this picture and can’t believe she is due THIS WEEK!  Can’t wait to meet your new bundle!  Girl? Boy? 

This sweet little Owen is only 2 and is so smart!! Using dad’s iPhone, he can navigate his way around, show me on a map where he is and type me a little letter 🙂  He loves the word AWESOME and says “oh my gosh” all the time!  SWEET SWEET boy!

See you all very soon!  Maybe even this week!  Good luck!

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Yesterday was such an amazing day!! I got to meet THREE 6-day-old babies…and here are TWO of the cutest little bundles of love I have ever met!  On the left is 5.8 pound baby William and on the right is 6.12 pound baby Anna.  Wonderful name choices too! And they suit these two perfectly!

Meet Mr William.  Tiny little ball of cuteness all rolled up on dads arm.  Mom and dad didn’t know what they were having either! Left it a surprise and when Lori booked this session last week, I didn’t know what she was having either so I got to be surprised yesterday too!

Are they not just precious!?

Anna was the little feisty one – she wanted to be heard.  But mom and dad did such a great job getting her to rest – so we got some great sleepy shots!

My favourite – black and white.  This one turned out beautifully.

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