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Remember beautiful Miss Miah from last December?  Beautiful, sleeping, happy baby…stays happy for her 1 year session!  (Did I mention I LOVE when my newborns come back?!!!)

…and here she is a year later!  What a beauty!

…and smiles a lot!!!

Another cake smashing session where we just didn’t know what she was going to do next!  Miah pretty much sat in it, rolled through it, stepped on it…and ate the candle that came with it…but not much cake EATING 😉

See?  Smiling again…such a happy girl!

LOL!! Love this one 🙂  Miah, Miah, Miah…such a happy girl who just loved getting all messy!

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I have been waiting to meet this little beauty since July!   Finally – got my red-head 😉  (is that selfish?) 

I know…I know…red hair and yet I did this one in black and white…but I love it!!!

Children are so unpredictable.  I love the cake smashing sessions because you just never know what your going to get…and this was no exception!  Little Rielly here basically touched the cake, got a bit messy and did NOT like that at all!  Session was over…lol.  But soooooooo CUTE!!!

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Meet 8-day-old, potty trained Bryce!  Yup…only peed when he had a diaper on and saved all my props!  He had just one accident on dads jersey, but hey – not bad for just learning 😉

This little man was a week over due, and still came into the world at only 6 pounds.  What a great gift!

Love this prop brought by mom and dad…Bryce’s uncle found the biggest stuffed animal he could buy and gave it as a gift…LOL!!!

The first hour and half of this session little man here stayed wide awake and gave us some amazing eye contact!  I love when they are awake for some of the session …that way we get to see their little personalities shine through!

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