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Oh the sweetness that came to the studio today!!  5 pounds of tiny-ness (is that a word?)lol…I could have just done picture after picture of this little sleepy man!  He was just too sweet for words!

Could you not just eat him up!?  Look at the rolly-polly arms!  Mmmm…I just love babies!!

We even managed to catch a tiny smile!

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What a sweet 6 pound ball of lovin this little princess was!  Two weeks early and teeny, tiny.  Baby Saige (man you people are picking some fantastic names!) came in today to start the ball rollin on newborn sessions coming up!  She did fantastic!  Gave us some super sweet pictures 🙂

Lol…singing in her sleep!

There is something about this pose that makes my heart melt! Maybe the fact that they are pushing their cheeks up and making them all fat and pudgy!  I just love it!

I can’t say it enough how important it is to bring your little one in – the sooner the better! Day 7 is optimal!

Had to throw in a black and white…love black and white!

Mom picked out this hat.  I love the pom poms 🙂

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My apologies for getting this post up so late mom … but Christmas is over now and things are getting back into full swing!!  Meet little Braxton (another awesome name!)…who was just as perfect as perfect could be!  I just love this first shot…little Mr. Blue!

Just in time for Christmas – what a gift!!

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Meet Sam.  (I LOVE that name!) Sam is 9 days and came for his photography session…and did not want to sleep.  But he gave into us eventually and we got some great shots!  Some of the best shots are actually of babies when they are wide awake!  They eye contact is wonderful and lets face it…it’s not often we get to see a newborns’ eyes. 

I love these shots that show just how tiny babies really are.  Sam is in dads hand…and 20 years from now they will look back on this picture and be amazed that their young man was ever this small!

Sleepy for a little while.  BUT SO DARN CUTE!

Something about pictures of moms with their new babies…just makes my heart skip.  I adore the love you can feel between them and when it comes out on film…even better!

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So I’m not exactly sure where to begin with this session except to say WEEEEHEHEEEEW!!!!  It was AWESOME!  This is 6-day-old Keira (see beautiful mom here).  Keira came into the world on her due date and what a gift for the very happy and very much in love, mom and dad!  If I havn’t mentioned it yet – I LOVE this age!  I always tell moms to try and come in with their new little bundles in under 10 days (under 7 is optimal) but as a mom myself I totally understand the amount of work it is the first week with a brand new baby.  Your tired, sore, havn’t been out since getting home…and the last thing you want to do is pack up your baby and get pictures done (i totally get that!) BUT…yes here’s the “BUT”…if you can push through it for just a couple hours, it is SO worth it!!  Tracy and Mike came from Cambrige on a cold winter night as their first outting with their new family…and all they can say is how much it was WORTH IT!!  Here are some images below (way more than I normally put up for a newborn session but I’m SO excited with the turn out I just couldnt decide!!).  All because baby is under a week…

More new props from etsy!

lol …dad…I mean Santa was getting so hot in this suit..he actually stopped breathing in hopes not to move!

Happy and in love with their new family…I could feel it throughout the room!

Fast asleep Keira had no idea what we were doing to her…LOL!

SO cute!!!

What a great Christmas this will be for their family!

And purple to go with Keira’s room 🙂

Okay last but not least…sleep Keira giving us pretty much every shot using every prop I have!  This session took 4 hours! And not becasue she wouldn’t sleep like most lengthy newborn sessions, but because she slept the whole time and I was like “k, lets try this”….”lets try that”….”lets use this”….LOL!!! Enjoy Tracy!  I had a great time and your baby girl is absolutely beautiful!!

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This sweet heart made her photography debute all the way from Toronto today!  And not only was she beautiful was so was mom!!  Little Lauren did NOT want to sleep and as soon as she went to sleep…well if we moved her – she woke up!  But we still got some amazing shots!  Here are a couple…

I have some new props that I could not wait to use!!  I just love the little newborn tu-tu’s!  I have a few more on the way but here is a sneak peak for now…man I just love babies!

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Meet Mr. Mark…7 weeks and as bright as ever!  This little man slept on his way here from Oakville so didn’t want to do much sleeping but when we get these great shots with the perfect eye contact I just get all excited!  This was a shot requested by mom and I think she will be very excited!

This was one of the cuttest little outfits…but I love the face he made on this one and I was zoomed right in so just a teaster…but it’s an elephant outfit!! LOL! SO CUTE!

Yes…I said SEVEN WEEKS!  I have 3-month-olds who can’t quite master how high I need them to hold themselves up to get this picture….and little Mark mastered it without any trouble…(mom – I think your going to be in trouble! He’s a strong one!)

One of my last few sessions for this year…Merry Christmas everyone!  Happy Holidays and remember…it’s Christ we are celebrating this Christmas!

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It’s official! My favourite baby part is the CHEEKS! And this little princess had it all!

Seriously – she is the sweetest little monkey!

Another one of those shots requested by mom 🙂 turned out fabulous…I think it’s because of her CHEEKS (the other cheeks! HE HE HE)

Okay bragging rights….this little girl LOVED ME!!! She came right to me and cuddled right in…then when I gave her back to mom to get another prop or set up ready…she CRIED!  LOVED ME!  Now that makes me just feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  Love kids!

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So incase I havn’t mentioned it in the past…I LOVE when ‘my’ babies come back !!!  I love watching them grow and I feel so honoured when people come back to see me again and again!  I was lucky enough to photograph this hansome man from newborn, then 6 months and now…all chunky-monkey-ish…at one!

I’m not sure who loves him more…mom and dad or big sister Victoria!  Owen certainly loves giving her kisses…or …licks? HA HA!!

Moms request…I love how it turned out! Imagine this in a Wee Piggies and Paws casting? Oh melt my heart!

See? LOVED by big sister!

Love the cake smash! Love it!  They get so messy and so involved…makes me giggle 🙂

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I don’t know if we spent more time taking picture or socializing at this session…return clients bring back baby Hayden and I think its safe to call them “friends”…We had a blast!!! Hayden finally loves me! YAY!!!

Hayden has been here for newborn, 3 months and now almost 6 months and what a beauty!  I love this shot! I find her eyes captivating!

Something about chubby babies and Christmas…mmmm just want to squeeze em!

LOL!!! Love these boots!  And the deer hat!!

I couldnt’ make up my mind when going through the pictures which ones to blog! There are just too many to choose from and this one caught my eye right away! Look at her smile!  LOVE IT!

Ooohhhh the sweetness of this next one!!! OH OH!  This is her moms hat from 1983 (I think that’s what she said)…Lol!  I think Hayden likes it 😉

And last but not least…I can’t give them ALL away! 

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