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Meet little miss Olivia.  Not even 2 weeks old and this little princess gave us a real challenge to get any kind of sleeping shots…or for that matter, any kind of curled up shots lol!!!  She was fiesty and rarin to play! I love this first one.  Doesn’t she look so proud?  Olivia is saying “yup MY mommy! MY daddy!” …. lolDSC_4721

Lol…I just love the cacoon shot 🙂DSC_4750

I’m going to go with …this is going to be mom and dads favourite picture.  We finally won at the end of the session and Olivia fell asleep for just a couple shots! But it was so worth the wait~!  Thanks little one for letting me capture this one (I think its my fav!)DSC_4779

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What a sweet heart! This little man came to me at 9 days new and was just as sweet as could be! Slept almost the entire session and inbetween protesting here and there, pretty much let us do whatever we wanted to!DSC_4633

Proud mom and dad…so attentive to little Carter…DSC_4617

I cant stress enough how awesome it is when your baby comes in under 2 weeks!  They curl and snuggle, and sleep through anything giving us the chance to capture moments like these:DSC_4667

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Meet Mr. Simon!  This tiny sweet heart came for his session at not quite 2-weeks-old.  He challenged us at the beginning, but like usual, he gave into fait and fell asleep at the end and we got to grab some great shots!DSC_4574

Mom is so in love 🙂DSC_4501

I just love baby eyelashes!  Look how long they are! Mmmmm 🙂DSC_4583

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My last wedding of 2009 belongs to my friend of over 20 years – Angel.  Angel and I met in the 6th grade and she was a bridesmaide in my wedding this past June.  Angel is one of those friends who you even if you don’t speak for months, you can just pick up and start right where you left off!  I am the God mother to two of her children and I was just thrilled when she got engaged and jumped all over the chance to photograph her wedding.  Angel and I have both been through the loss of our mothers due to cancer and even though they couldnt’ be at our weddings, I know they were with us…Angel, your mom would have been so proud.  You looked so beautiful.DSC_4005

This was one of the dresses I was looking at for my wedding this past June until I found mine 🙂  so happy to see you in it! DSC_4082


Their wedding took place in Niagara Falls…and we did pictures here!  Almost got to hold a snake! Would have been a fantastic shot but they said No BOO!!!DSC_4396

Congratulations Dan and Angel.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this day in the way that I was.  I’m so happy I got to capture it all for you!  DSC_4658

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Meet 2 1/2 day-old Matteo!  TWO and  a HALF days new!  If your wondering how on earth we managed to pull that off…well – it’s all mom!  She booked a while ago and like I do for many people who want to book it before baby actually comes, we book for 10 days past your due date.  Then if you go early, you can call and try and get in earlier, but if you go late (and are approaching the 7-days-late mark) you can call and re-schedule.  Mom was a week overdue and JUST got home from the hospital last night! And after only 3 hours of sleep – she showed up for her appointment bright and early at 10a.m.!  Now THATS an awesome mom!  It was definately worth it – even at 2 1/2 days, this beautiful bouncing baby boy was wide eyed and ready to rock.  He was actually awake for a good part of the session -but he did amazing!!  It sooooooo pays off to come in under 10 days!  So, here he is…my youngest baby yet!  Proud big sisters who just love him to peices (and got to miss some school for the shoot!)DSC_3916

Just under 8 pounds for his session, he was very bendy and curly and just think that only 70 hours ago he was still in moms belly!DSC_3924

A little glimps into the future LOL 😉DSC_3990

Could you not just kiss his big pouty lips ALL DAY!!  Oh he was just such a beautiful boy!DSC_3970

Just a little note to all moms thinking about coming for a newborn session.  Its important to try and get your baby in under 10 days, and though you would probably not come in as soon as 3 days…and if you want to talk to moms who made it in under the 7 day mark, I can give you references…but they will all tell you that you will be tired – more than tired – exhausted.  You will want to cancel your session, you will want to just pick up the phone to re-schedule and then go to bed…but trust me – it’s so worth it!!  You will look back at your pictures forever and always get to be reminded of just how tiny your fast-growing baby was when they were taken.  It’s worth the tiredness, and exhaustion…its worth every moment.  And when you get here, you can sit down, relax, feed, snuggle – watch the action happen.  It’s not a stressful session – it’s one that captures your memories forever…it’s worth it.  Trust me!  If you are considering a newborn session, please email me at tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca for more information and please remember that we are closed for the month of April 2010.

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Due on December 12th…this couldnt be a better gift!  Tracy, thanks for making the trip out and being my first maternity client in the new studio!  I had a great time today and hope you did to…enjoy your sneak peak!DSC_3802

This little girl is so loved already and I just know she is going to be spoiled rotten!DSC_3807

Mom and dad…so in love.  They are both so excited to meet their baby…DSC_3819copy

Love these little collectable shoes!DSC_3857

This shirt makes me laugh!! I LOVE IT!!! DSC_3873

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Finally got to welcome little Cameron to my studio for his first session.   A bit of a scary entrance into the world but healthy and home and sweet as can be, Cameron made it to his session at only 3 1/2 weeks old.  He was still quite tiny and able to curl up into many positions.  He did a lot of protesting when we moved him around, but he settled quickly and let us capture this wonderful time in his parents new lives 🙂DSC_3675

Awww so sleepyDSC_3689

So halloween is over and CA-BAM! In with the Christmas stuff! I love Christmas and will be putting every baby into this little outfit until January LOL!  But so cute!DSC_3707

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Remember little baby Cole from 7 months ago?  One of my favourite families that come to see me from Woodstock!  Cole was all of about 5 pounds when he came for his newborn session…..Cole (63)

Just look how big he is now! Over 20 pounds!  I love love LOVE when my babies come back!  This is Cole at 7 months old.  He is just a little hansome man now!DSC_3509

Oh I just adore this shot!  His big blue eyes – and Coles to (LOL!!!) seriously – love this hat!  Mom and dad got this off one of my favourite websites:  www.etsy.com DSC_3593

Isn’t this fire truck too cute?  One of the many props mom and dad brought to the photosession.  I love when you bring your own stuff because it definately makes your session unique.  The only thing that sucks is when the props are as awesome as this truck for example, the next mom will say “oh can we use that truck you had in that one picture I saw?”…then i pout and say “it’s not mine” 😦  Donations of props accepted! Hee hee heeDSC_3541

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It has been an absolutely CRAZY weekend!  We moved Friday, painted for the last three days and are finally getting down to unpacking into our new home 🙂   Today – my first session in the new studio and oh man I am in love!  Not only did everything run so much smoother, but I got to photograph this gorgeous 6-month-old baby girl…Piper.  What a DOLL!  Big beautiful blue eyes…and she was happy the entire session!  Got a little tired in the end but we captured some wonderful images for mom and dad!  Lets start with snowning rose peddles…DSC_3421

See?  I told you – big beautiful blue eyes!DSC_3395


This is one of the pictures that I love to do with newborns…but dad likes it so we tried it and I love it 🙂  Enjoy your sneak peak guys, thanks again for coming out and I hope your trip home was a safe one.  I’ll be in touch soon!DSC_3463

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