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My how they grow so fast! Almost a year later and little miss Kayla is turning ONE!

I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE when my newborns come back!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE…well you get the point…LOVE LOVE LOVE when they come back!!!

This time around they brought Rocky! Yup…check out this dog!!! LOL!!! Thinks he is rudolf!

Oh the cuteness of it all! 

I love this picture!~ Check out Rockys tongue!  I actually have an even funnier one than this! But I have to save some suprises for mom and dad 😉

And last but not least the cake smash!  FUN FUN FUN~~~

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Ella…I have alway loved that name.  So simple…yet so elegant… Meet little 11-day-old Ella!  She was a good sleeper!!  Ella let us do almost anything we wanted 🙂  Did I say “almost”?  Oops…she let us do anything we wanted!

So sleepy. Ella curled up perfectly for pictures 🙂  This prop was made by a fellow photographer out of London Kim from KimmikPhotography.  Wish I could make this stuff!  Ella fit into it like a glove!

Another one of Kim’s props…the hanging pod…I havn’t tried it on my tree branch yet and it worked great!

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Oh my goodness it’s been crazy around here!  With the new move we are desperately trying to get things done around here and trying to get all my sessions edited (and still working paramedic full time…CRAZY!!)…or should I say blessed!  In the mean time, Katie, I apologize for the delay in your preview from your wonderful maternity session the other day and was able to edit just one for now 🙂  I promise to get more up but here is one to hold you over!  (Mike…thanks for participating – your a trooper!)

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This little man is only 13 days old and is just full of life! He didn’t want to sleep and when he did sleep … he woke very easily and I think it’s just because he loves being here and doesn’t want to miss a thing!

Little Eskimo!  How cute is this vest and boots!!!

Dont let this picture fool you…I think he blinked!  Hee hee hee…little angel

LOL! I laughed when I saw this one..almost forgot I took it!  He wanted nothing to do with removing his little hand away from his face…looks like he is hiding or saying “ENOUGH ALREADY!!”…LOL!

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This little girl is so loved and SO wanted!  10 years after trying and a lot of heart ache…mom and dad were thrilled and over joyed to find out they were finally going to have their chance at parenthood…and they are just SO in love with this little girl! Every coo, every squeek, every smile…the room lit up like  a Christmas tree!  I could feel the love, and to be honest, my face hurt by the time this session was over just with the smiling!  I feel truly blessed to have been able to capture this moment for this family.  Baby Rachael, is 6 weeks old…but just so tiny and perfect she curled up just like she was brand spankin new!

Isn’t she tiny?  Such a little doll…I could have cuddled her all day!

An actual smile!  Not a gas smile…an actual smile!  Awww 🙂

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Mom here is proudly awaiting baby number 2! With one princess already here, we are all anxiously wondering and waiting to meet either prince or princess #2…DSC_5519

Donna…you look absolutely stunning! I love the contrast of this color…next time I’ll see what aqua marine looks like…but this one compliments Donna perfectly!DSC_5590

Enjoy your sneak peak guys and I look forward to meeting the new family!DSC_5530

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What a pleasure it was to photograph this tiny, but just beautiful little boy!  This is Hudson who came to see me at 9 days new!  And he was a little sleeper!  Such tiny features, and the purest of skin…I could have kept him!DSC_5406

Soooo tiny!  Fit onto dads arm perfectly.  Another hat from Etsy.  Love that site!!! www.etsy.com DSC_5468

I so enjoy capturing this pose! Something about them just hanging there and when you get to see their tiny little foot like that…mmmm just makes me all warm and fuzzy 🙂DSC_5436

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