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Meet the beautiful Shannon – due in just three weeks!  They are having a little girl and her name is going to be Ciana (pronounced See-anna)…I LOVE IT! I am such a fan of different names and have been lucky to photograph all the beautiful babies with different names lately!  Shannon – I hope you both enjoy your sneak peak! They all turned out so fantastic!DSC_5492

I wonder if Ciana will be tall like her daddy?DSC_5514

I wanted to try this picture with white…but then I thought I would like to see it with black..and I like how it turned out! …still have to try it with white though lol…DSC_5536

How cute are these little shoes?  I think this baby is going to be spoiled with PINK!DSC_5486

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It is definately my record for engagement sessions in a month (and it’s still the first half of October)!  Today I had the privlege of photographing some family friends in preparation for the wedding in almost one year from today…10.10.10 – what a cool wedding anniversary to have!  This first shot is my attempt at a vintage picture…it has always been my favourite type of wedding photography, but I have never been able to figure it out – just how to get that perfect vintage look.  My favourite vintage photographers are from Niagara – Stec Photography.  AMAZING!  I am going to be taking some courses this year and am sure that the vintage look will definately be something I will obtain in my future wedding photographs 😉  for now…onto todays engagement session which took place in the beautiful St. Marys Ontario!Cody and Brittany 077copycopy

Cody and Brittany 059I love how this shot shows how deep their eyes are ! Beautiful aren’t they!Cody and Brittany 102

Love the detail of this engagement ring…well done Cody!Cody and Brittany 044

LOL…a photographer-requested shot…just had to!  I can’t help myself! (don’t kill my guys!)Cody and Brittany 152

Cody and Brittany 196

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Meet Donna and Matt – a wonderful, fun-loving, spirited couple who I had a BLAST photographing today at Albion Falls!  I even shot my new FAVORITE picture!!  (Not this…keep scrolling…)Donna And Matt 165

…Nope – not this one (but aren’t they cute!)Donna And Matt 018

mmmm…not this one either 😉Donna And Matt 140

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next year!..and no – this isn’t my fav either….Donna And Matt 028

HERE IT IS!!! OMGoodNESS!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! This is exactly why when you look in your viewfinder as a photographer and the picture looks blown out or in this case – too dark – you NEVER delete your picture!  You just never know what it really looks like until it’s up on your computer screen!  This picture looked like a black screen with a white blob at the top….and LOOK!!!!  My FAV!! I LOVE IT!! The colours, the way the sun is shining, the reflection of the sun off my lens…the light on their faces – the just EVERYTHING that went together for this shot!  WOOHOO!! Go NIKON! (lol)!Donna And Matt 057

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This little man was Suuuuuuuuuuuuuch a good boy!!  He slept almost the entire session and we got the session done in record time! A personal best for me I think…1 hour and 30 minutes! Way to go little Marco!marco 003

I absolutely LOVE his hair!  It’s like those super soft teddy bears! So soft…so sweet!  I just wanted to snuggle him up the entire session!marco 057

Mom and dad are just so in love with their new family…marco 029

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Meet 4-week-old Christian…took a little while to get him to relax but then he was puddy in my hands!!  Big brother just loves him!Baby Christian 216

Mom saw this hat on my computer but in pink and wished so much we could use it…I pulled out a blue one and she was so excited!  He looks great in it!Baby Christian 279

See?  PUDDY!!  What a doll!Baby Christian 300

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This morning I had the chance to meet Michel and Chris and capture their engagement session! This session has been booked since February and we could not have picked a more perfect day!  What a wonderful couple!  We hiked down to Albion Falls (what an amazing spot)…but the best part is – she wore HEALS the entire hike down..and all I heard was laughing and giggling and some very funny noises…but NOT ONE single complaint!!  HEALS!Michel and Chris 019

And of course they brought their son…who was so sweet and such a good listener! I wanted to sneak him into my jacket and take him home!!!Michel and Chris 056

I LOVE how this one turned out!  Look at Mister Maider lookin up at them…awwwwwwMichel and Chris 064

Michel you are going to make a STUNNING bride!Michel and Chris 098 copy

If you look VERY closely…you can see the heals I’m talking about …yes, this trooper went 20 minutes IN and another coming OUT in these boots!Michel and Chris 156

Michel and Chris 187

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This little girl is scheduled to enter the world around the 18th of December…however, if I were to enter the pool  … I would bet I will be doing her newborn session by the 2nd week of December!  DSC_5393

This belly is AAALLLLLLLLLLLLL baby!DSC_5441


I love the way this shot turned out 🙂DSC_5442

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16 months ago, I got to photograph this little girls brother…and today I got the pleasure of photographing another member of the Cosford family!  I work with her mom, I have photographed Anderson, then their wedding and now sweet SWEET Mavis…who has the biggest eatable cheeks EVER!DSC_5305

Mom brought this cute little guy from the Raggedy Ann and Andy (my generation of toys…lol)…and I just love how it turned out!DSC_5342

Cheeks…cheeks…and MORE CHEEKS!!!DSC_5380

4 weeks old and slept sound for us.  A few moans and groans then right back to sleep!    Actually – this is the fastest falling asleep baby I have ever seen!  She went from 0 to 100 in half a second!  Literally went from a cry to instant sleeping in half a second! It was hilarious!  What a doll!DSC_5330

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Steve and Tina got married on a Sunday morning and we started there day off in downtown Hamilton…we had a BLAST!!!  Here are just a couple (for now) as I’m headed out for the night with family…but Tina, I know you are super excited, so here you go 🙂Steve and Tina (Tonia) 197

These little sweet hearts did exactly what they were told, when they were told – and LOVED IT!! They smiled the entire day and just let us take, take, take pictures!  Thanks guys!Steve & Tina (will) 065

I LOVE this painting!! I want one for my house!!Steve and Tina (Tonia) 083Took a picture of the bride in the mirrior….and look what came out on my camera!~!!!Steve and Tina (Tonia) 076

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Just as we were thinking about cancelling this engagment session due to the weather ‘forcast’ we decided to ride it out and see what happens…and I’m SO glad we did!  Yesterday was a beautiful fall day!!  So nice in fact that though it drizzled on our way there…it cleared up AND the bride volunteered to go in water!!!Emily and Tim engagement 161

Isn’t she gorgeous!  Can’t wait for this wedding next fall!Tim and Emily (Will) 157

See?  Just they are in the water!  Lol…her feet were red when we were done…but it made for awesome shots!Emily and Tim engagement 221

I hope you enjoy your sneak peak guys!  I’ll be in touch when your gallery is done (probably 2 weeks or so)!Emily and Tim engagement 048

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