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Jen…Greg…you guys are an absolute BLAST!  If you are half as fun at your wedding as you were today for your engagement session…I’m not sure I’ll be able to take pictures through the giggling all day!  Lol…you were so fun!  Thank you for choosing us to capture this time for you…and thanks for bringing Rex along too (what a beautiful, loving dog!)JG

Greg, I must say – great taste!  What a beautiful ring! And fiance 😉DSC_3064

HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!  I just loved their dog!!  He wanted to be with his mom and dad so bad! Lol…peek-a-boo…JG1

I admit it…I’m ADDICTED! Yes…addicted to the jump shot! I love seeing what people can do and their faces and body movements, just make me smile 🙂JG2

I love his eyes…what a sweet dog!  Thanks again Jen and Greg for meeting up with us today for your session – what a beautiful day and the leaves were just as we had hoped.  I’ll be in touch when your gallery is up and ready.  It will be a while longer than normal because of the move this weekend…JG3

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I booked this wedding with Chris and Nicole over a year ago and have been looking forward to it for THAT long!  12 hours coverage and super nice people = Super GREAT Time!!  Will and I started off the day photographing Chris at his house…I was so pleasantly suprised with the kindness of the group of guys we photographed.  They were all super nice and willing to do anything we wanted!  Chris, it was an absolute honour to be the photographer of your big day!  You looked so hansome!  Okay – so onto to the pictures…these first two are for Nicole (special request of their first child…he he he)DSC_2003

Nic…there are a couple more but just wanted to share this one for now 😉DSC_2040

I think they should get some shares from Coors Light for this one!DSC_2050

This image just makes me giggle…here is my husband doing whatever we need to do to get “the shot”…I think we incorporated danger-pay in this one! Lol…DSC_2090

Nicole…you looked absolutely stunning!!  You make such a beautiful bride and the fact that you are a beautiful person to begin with, just makes you even more wonderful!  We had the best time photographing you and your family this weekend…we felt so a part of them – as they hugged us good-bye at the end of the night, we felt truly blessed to be the one’s to capture your special day!DSC_2152

It was such a perfect day on Saturday weather wise.  At the beginning of the week they called for rain 80% ! Then by the end of the week 30% …and Saturday – we didn’t get a drop!  The wind worked in our favour as well blowing their hair and dresses beautifully! Love the color, love it all!DSC_2211

Sooo happy!  Aren’t they stunning!DSC_2408

What a fun, outgoing wedding party! AND they were just gorgeous! Red – my favourite wedding color!DSC_3164


Love this shot!DSC_2593

Love this umbrella!  What a cute wedding gift idea!DSC_2650

This shot was taken by my husband and I LOVE IT!!! I love when we capture the natural laugh, the natural smile and the giggles between a new husband and wife 🙂  Chris and Nicole, thank you so much for choosing us to be the one’s to capture this day for you.  We had an absolute blast and what was work for us – did NOT feel like it!  We had so much fun and enjoyed the day as if we were a part of the wedding party!  Thank you for including us in dinner (it was FA-BU-LOUS!!)  We hope you enjoy your honeymoon and we will be in touch as soon as your pictures are ready!DSC_3237

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This hansome little fellow came all the way from Waterloo today for his photography debute…and as the sore loser that I am  – I was defeated! *sniffle, sniffle.  This little guy is 10 days, bottle fed, and uses a soother (the 3 KEY ingredients to a GREAT photography session!)…and, well…lets just say that today – those ingredients did NOT work!  For 3 hours, this little guy faught us all the way! 

Oscar 009

Dad even tried walking him around in his car seat while we all tried sounding like cars (okay just kidding about the sound part)…but tried to trick him into thinking he was in a car…and then:



..and just when we thought we had it…floppy arms…eyes rolling back sleepy…no response to touching his toes…good and SLEEPY…but then…BOOM:



Amy and Steve, thanks for making the trip out here to see me.  I must say – you have the most determined newborn that I have personally ever worked with!  He is adorable!  We got some GREAT shots though, and I will be sure to touch base as soon as I get your gallery together!

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At only 5 days old, this little girl came for her first photosession.  She gave us a bit of a challenge trying to get her to stay asleep, but we got the shots and it worked out perfectly!  Thanks mom for getting her in at such an early age!Cassidy 011

She isn’t actually sleeping here…but it looks like it!Cassidy 018

Little’s “C” is definately loved by her big brother…(he’s only 2) but look how good of care he takes of her…holding her just right and not moving while she got comfy!Cassidy 033

Cassidy 081

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November and December are fully booked.  For those of you who have the Mommy & Me Package – spaces are left for you.  For all new clients, unfortunately we are completely booked up now…but if you need Christmas pictures or a photographer to capture your belly, newborn, or child’s smile – please email me and I will pass along some amazing photographers for you to check out!

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I’m soooo allowed to say that! Willy is my husbands brother…and though I was not their official photographer, I was asked to still take a few pictures and I must say – what a CRAZY bunch of COUNTRY PEOPLE! (See…I’m allowed!) Lol 😉  Yesterday was a chilly – but beautiful day to get married! We captured some truly fun and awesome shots!Willy Wedding (disk one) 007

I absolutely LOVED Leslie’s dress…love that colour purple!  I’ve seen this dress in red…but never purple and it was just beautiful!W10

Will – you make a GREAT cowboy! Totally fit the part!  W11

The perfect cowboy : – )W12

It was fun being able to photograph my brother-in-law and my husband!  They all looked so great!  (Will and Will looked the best HA!)…long story – but YES they are both named “WILL”W4

Ladies and Gentlemen…my husband!W2

The wedding partyW5

And it starts here…the bride and groom could not keep their lips off each other!W6



Ahhem!  W9

There we go!  One of our favourite shots…no lip lock in this one!  LolW3

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This is the beautiful little Allison!  Remember the couple from a few postings ago with their wedding and 5 boys?  Well meet their little sister…I feel sorry for her future boyfriends!Allison 084

I just love the little curly poses newborns do! Shows just how tiny they really are!Allison 063

Mmmmm…here we go again with lovin the CHEEKS!Allison 076

Just perfect…little Allison had the cuttest, little perfect features!!Allison 009


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This little sweet heart came today at 2 weeks old…and mom and dad are sure she is going to be a big star!  (if not – at least a fan!!).  Sophie gave us a protest at the beginning, but as usualy I WON and she konked out for the rest of the session allowing us to capture some really GREAT shots!DSC_5657

I usually curl them on dads arm…but I thought this looked so cute so I just kept her that way 🙂DSC_5612

HOW SWEET IS SHE!!! Just look at those cheeks! I love baby cheeks!DSC_5655


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WOW…spaces filled up FAST!  There is only one spot left for the February 20th and 21st Babies-To-Bellies Workshop.

Please email me or call to reserve your spot today! tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca  289-244-6434 (Tonia)



Stay tuned for the Spring Into Action Workshop if you missed the Bellies-To-Babies Workshop

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Want to be inspired? 

Want to learn some photoshop tips and tricks?

Want to learn those tricky poses for newborns?

Want to talk with other photographers and learn how each person divides their time for each session?

Want to take pictures to add to your port folio?

I am hosting a Bellies-To-Babies workshop on Saturday February 20th and Sunday February 21st – you will have the opportunity to photograph a pregnancy session on the Saturday and a newborn session on the sunday – learning how to get those tricky newborn positions and the beautiful wind-blown maternity pictures!  Be inspired!  Pick my brain!  Take pictures!

Bring your camera, bring your laptop, bring your questions!

The fee is $500 per person and a $100 non-refundalble retainer fee holds your spot!  The rest is to be paid upon your arrival in February!

Please email me at tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca for more information!

Only 3 spots now remaining!

Tonia 289-244-6434

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