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I had the pleasure of meeting lovely Julie today due in just 4 weeks!  Here is a quick peek for now and I promise there are more to come….DSC_3737

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Dont you just LOVE that name! Kingsley..mmm I havn’t had a little “Kingsley” before…and at only 10 days old he did FANTASTIC!!! Slept almost the entire session!  Let me do anything I wanted…Love when they come so early like that!  Mom had all the little tricks ready and though they don’t use a soother at home – she brought one for the session and it worked like a charm!  Thanks guys for using some tips and tricks I suggested for your session.  He did so wonderfully! I almost wish I had a photography class and he was our little model! Mr. Perfect!DSC_3623

This family was very much in loveDSC_3523

Another sweeet hat made by cara at Etsy.comDSC_3548

Did I mention this is litte Mr. Perfect?  Just thought I would mention it again 😉DSC_3557

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What a beautiful day to get married!  A beautiful ceremony, beauiful families…just a perfect day!!  We travelled up to Flamborough for an outdoor ceremony in a great big tent surrounded by flowers and gardens and friendly smiles.  The bride and groom were so excited to finally be getting married!Elk1

Krista looked just stunning!  All smiles all afternoon!Elk2

Sweet little puppy 🙂 …the brides little baby…lol he was so cute and such a sweet dog!elk4

I love catching the candid moments.  This one was just so perfect and great timing for me to turn around and find through my lens!  Those brides lucky enough to have their moms at their wedding are truly blessed.  Makes me smile when I see mother/daughter teams just so happy!elk5

The reception was held at the Burlington Golf and Country Club.  Such a beautiful place!  I have to admit though, they don’t like wedding parties (the members that is) getting pictures done on their course. (ARRR)…but we still managed to get some in hee hee hee…and I’m sure I’ll be back and causing more trouble in the years to come!  But – I do love this shot from the front of the building!Elk3

See? A smile from ear to ear! And it stayed that way ALL DAY!! These two are just so in love and so happy and it radiates through and just lightens the room up!  I love photographing happy couples!  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  And the best part is, my husband gets to be there to photograph it all with me 🙂elk7

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It’s sessions like this where the baby just sleeps and sleeps – that get me so behind in editing! Why? Because I just can’t put my camera down! I take and take and take until the baby finally says “NO MORE”!  Meet sweet little Alexa…only 8 days new and was such a good girl for her session!DSC_2684

Yup…she let me do anything!!DSC_2701

Another wonderful hat made by Cara from etsy!  www.handknitbycara.etsy.com DSC_2658

Just think…wonderful little precious babies…are all because two people fell in love…*sigh…DSC_2718

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What a small world…this little guy I had the privilege of meeting because I used to work with his grandmother at 9-1-1 Dispatch.  Lise, it was so great seeing you again and catching up!  Thanks for bringing your grandson to have his pictures with me!  He is truly a beautiful boy!!  LOVE his HAIR!!!DSC_2636

Definately a momma’s boy this hansome little one is!  He always wanted to ‘snack’ shall we say but he finally fell asleep and we got some GREAT shots!  I don’t know what it is about sleeping babies…but I could just eat them up!  I mean look at those cheeks!~DSC_2620

I LOVE his hair!  Gorgeous!DSC_2610

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I am finally getting around to sharing our big day with all you who have been waiting!  A day where all my dreams came true and the day I married my BEST FRIEND Will Lariviere.  It was the most beautiful day.  Friday June 12, 2009 I married Will and became Mrs. Lariviere.  We got married at the Ancaster Old Mill in front of 100 of our closest family and friends.  This is a day I wish I could live over and over and over again…I still just look through the pictures in total AWWW…I, Tonia Lynne, married the man of my dreams! Wow…thank you Lord.

For all those of you wondering “who took your wedding pictures”…it was a great friend and photography co-worker Andrea Husted from Splash Photography.  www.splashphotography.ca These first shots of my hansome husband Will just before the ceremony started.  I could look at these ones over and OVER!! I love your smile baby…




I remember getting ready and thinking “I can’t believe I AM GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!!  Looking at my dress, putting it on…I couldn’t get the smile off my face.  I was extatic and I could not wait to see my fiance standing at the end of the isle waiting for me.  I couldnt’ wait to see his smile, I couldn’t wait to put his ring on proclaiming to the world “WE ARE TAKEN!!”  I was beside myself in complete happiness…this was the best day of my life and it had barely begun…Wedding 2

I loved my shoes!  They were on loan from a maternity client…she brought them to her session and I said “I love those shoes!!” …she told me they were her wedding shoes and I was more than welcome to borrow them.  They were beautiful.  The flowers were gorgeous!!! 54 roses with sparkles and little white flowers though out…they were made by Kasha (905) 318-7048 – she is amazing!!Wedding3

It was such a beautiful day!!IMG_2393

Look at this…my wonderful almost-husband…helped hold my flowers up (they were H-H-HEAVY!!)…what a gentlemen…IMG_2409

I was MORE than extatic to get that ring on my finger!  This is IT!! This is ME becoming a WIFE!! WOOHOO!!! Hurry up and get it ON!!! Lol 😉IMG_2442

And finally…I get to place the ring I had made on my best friends left hand proclaiming he is mine forever…I had a ring made at Hagersville Jewlers (amazing place!) that said in chinese writing “Today I marry My Best Friend”.  Will loved it!IMG_2444

This is probably one of my FAVOURITE pictures ever taken!  I had no idea Will was going to dip me…”You May Kiss the Bride”…and that he definately did!!  He took my breath away…I love him SO much!IMG_2450


I was seriously beside myself with excitement…what a day! What a feeling!  IMG_2491

I have to tell you (and I’m going to get a little personal here…) that Will is the BEST kisser!! EVER!!!  I love you baby!IMG_2497

Even during pictures, I couldn’t stop smiling and thinking to myself that I just can’t believe this day is here – is happening.  6 months of planning and being a “fiance” and BANG…the big day has arrived.  And it was passing so quickly!  One second I’m getting my hair done, then putting on my dress, and the next – I’m married and getting my pictures taken with my new husband.  IMG_2553

The wedding party and our families.  I was so thrilled with the entire day – with everyone that came, with all the love and support and smiles…and I gained an entire family that I can call MINE!  WOOHOO!IMG_2562

What a hansome group of people !!  (and what a HOT HUSBAND!!! RAAAARRRR!!)IMG_2606

My number one fan and sweet little girl – Mia.  She looked so beautiful and I was so happy to have her by my side as I stepped us both up and into a new life.  A life of God, Family, love.IMG_2619

CRACK ME UP!!! This little flower girl (my niece Leia) decided during speaches that she was bored and wanted to roll across the dance floor!  So we all watched and laughed as this 4-year-old in a white dress rolled and rolled and rolled across the floor!! LOL!IMG_2790

Speaches were amazing.  Will and I didn’t want to do the whole speach thing and I had no idea that his dad was going to make a speach.  As a retired Minister, we wanted him to enjoy a wedding where he didn’t have to marry the couple, say grace, make a speach…a wedding he could just sit back and relax and enjoy all there is to witness.  To my suprise, he got up and made a speach – about ME!  a beautiful, wonderul speach that I will never forget.  Mr. Lariviere, you are such a wonderful man.  So kind hearted and you always just want the best for everyone.  I thank you for being so brave and for saying the kind words you did about me.  Thank you for welcoming into your family with open arms and for giving this world such a wonderful man that I now get to call my husband.  THANK-YOU!

The first dance…mmmmmmm.  I melted into Will’s arms – right where I was supposed to be.  Our first dance was “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada.  It’s truly a beautiful song…this was our beautiful moment.IMG_2848(2)

This is a favourite picture that Will and I like to do when we photograph weddings, so of course we had to do it at our own 🙂  IMG_2926(2)

Our wedding was all over at 5p.m so yes – we went into the waterfalls at the Old Mill.  I still wish I had of sat right in the falls…but we made up for it in Jamaica…those pictures are yet to come! Stay tuned!IMG_2967

And we’re off!!!  Going to Toronto, and heading to Negril Jamaica for TWO weeks of …fun 😉  This was the happiest day of my life (so far) and now there are so many more stories for us to write, adventures for us to take.  We are moving to a beautiful home in Caledonia where my photography business is going to grow..where our memories are going to be made.  Where I will spend the rest of my days with the man I love and the family I adore.  I have gained 2 children, 2 parents and a best friend that I share my everything with.  Our lives aren’t perfect – but they are ours.  The pages are for US to fill.  The albums are for the pictures of our lives, and I hope to share them with you for a long time to come.  Will, I will always remmeber the amazing engagement you gave to me – a story that amazes me all the time.  I love you so much and I can’t believe that we ARE MARRIED!  I look down at my left hand and see this beautiful ring that circles my finger and I remember all that it stands for – through better AND worse.  Richer AND poorer.  Sickness AND health.  Wow – I married my best friend.  My dream…WOW.  I still can’t believe that I am now MRS LARIVIERE….IMG_2995

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An absolutely gorgeous day for a wedding at the Ancaster Old Mill this past Saturday!  I feel so a part of this family as I have seen them through maternity, newborn, 6 months-old session and now the wedding! Ashley you looked absolutely stunning!  Daryl…one of our finest…you and your crew looked fantastic!  This is my first wedding with the guys all in uniform and we had a blast with the whole crew!Ashley Wedding

See what I mean! What a group!  And so fun to work with!DSC_1988Just minutes before saying “I do”….DSC_2055

5:00 was the time for the ceremony to start…all the guys had these beautiful stop watches~!  This is the groom…very nervous before his big moment.DSC_2081

Giggles at the front!  The groom kissed the mother-in-law and I’m sure I heard dad say “you better not be kissing me!” and then all laughter broke out! I love catching these moments!DSC_2127

DSC_2014So in love…DSC_2314

And the best for last! I tell you, the luck that Will and I have with pictures (rainbows, weather…) well doesn’t an ice cream truck come by!!  I love this shot!  Everyone waiting for their turn to get some ice cream on a nice HOT day!  This is definately getting blown up for my new studio!  Love it!050909_2242

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This sweet little baby came today at 2 1/2 weeks old – and she did FANTASTIC!  She protested a little and then mom gave her a few little milk snacks and put her right back to sleep!  This was the 3rd little princess for this family and I was the lucky one who got to photograph them 🙂DSC_1974What a BEAUTIFUL family!DSC_1893Lol…I love this one…just look at those cheeks!!!DSC_1943

This hanging pod was made by Kim (www.kimmikphotography.ca) but little Angelina didn’t want to co-operate with being hung at all…so we wrapped her in it and she was very comfortable 🙂DSC_1881

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