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Due in just a month and a half…this beautiful mom came to get her baby bump captured for memories in years to come.  A first baby for this couple and I am just so excited to see what they have!  All I know is he or she is going to be a tiny one!DSC_4998

I don’t do “sepia” often…but this picture seems to suit it 🙂DSC_5060

DSC_5035Requested by dad…the “Love” shot…turned out perfectlyDSC_5075

I hope you enjoy your sneak peak! There were so many to choose from…but couldn’t put them ALL up!  I’ll be in touch soon with your gallery!

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2 days and 2 10-day-old beauties…yesterday a girl and today this hansome little man all the way from Oakville!  It was definately a battle of wills when he decided he didn’t want to sleep…but as you can see from the sneak peak …I WON!  (I always do) 😉DSC_4963

Something I just love about pictures of a mom and her new baby….DSC_4910

So this was near the beginning of the session…it appears he is sleeping…however he is not!  I just said “Alex, would you kindly close your eyes for the camera and pretend to sleep?”  and voila!  Some people call me the baby whisperer! hee hee hee….DSC_4881

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Mmmmmmm….I just love LOVE her hair!! It’s like a teddy bear!  This sweet little lady came to see me last night and her session went great!  Got lots of great shots, but for now – a little sneak peak for mom and dad 😉



I love this one…shows just how tiny she is.DSC_4825

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I am truly so very lucky! I got to see this sweet heart at a few weeks old – now at three months (stay tuned for 6 months, 9 months and 1 year!!)…but she is a beauty!!  This session is probably the most fun I have ever had a session!! (mom’s don’t believe me – but I am TELLING YOU ITS TRUE!)…Hayden did NOT like me (lol) and did not want to co-operate BUT…we got some of the best pictures EVER!!! So…Lauren and Shannon (my biggest fans I’m almost positive)…here is your sneak peak that I know you have been DIEING to see since this morning!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!DSC_4653

No – I was not joking when I said this little one is only THREE MONTHS! We did not pose her feet this way…we helped her stand and this is exactly what she did! I’m still giggling!!DSC_4664

Okay – so aside from this really cute fake pumpkin…Lauren made about 5 trips back and fourth from her vehicle grabbing pumpkin after pumpkin, prop after prop…and we had a BLAST with what they had for Hayden!  Etsy made a pretty penny from this family (lol – Lauren your cut off!)…but it was all so very worth it! Check out these images…and does this shirt not totally suit the picture!?Untitled-1

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Have your attention? Lol…meet Michelle and Nick – an emerge nurse and emerge Doctor that I work with…all dressed up for their big day!  What a beautiful day at the beautiful Ancaster Old Mill!  The weather could not have been better!!!  It was perfect!  And what a family…5 boys already and a much anticipated little girl on the way…Nick and Michelle finally tie the knot!


Does she not just look absolutely gorgeous!?!NM4

What a house full this is! But aren’t they all just soooooooo cute!!!!NM3

I love photographing at the Old Mill…love the look!NM6

How funny is this! LOL…I couldn’t stop giggling while trying to take this shot…”eeeewwwww DAD!”…;-)NM2

Thanks again Nick and Michelle for choosing us to photograph this day for you…it was so nice working this way with you and not in such a high stress situation!  You both looked wonderful – and so happy! We are just tickled for you both…and we can’t wait to meet the newest member of the Clote family!  CONGRATS!NM1

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I feel like a child on Christmas morning! I’m so excited!!! I brought home my new baby yesterday…the Nikon D700 ! And to join her…the new Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 lens AND the 70-200 VR f2.8 lens…and OMGoodness!!! I’m in love!  Today we went to watch a bunch of cowboys shoot their guns in a competition and we put the D200 and D700 to the test with the new lens’ and WOW…all I can say is I can’t wait for tomorrow’s wedding!!!!!  Just look at the detail in this first picture especially…my husband in a staring match with a rival competitor!!!  I can’t believe what this lens can do!!! Oh…man…WOOHOO!!!!!001

The Shoot 126The speed in which this camera can shoot is amazing!!! AMAZING!!!!  f6.3 ISO 200 at 180mm 1/160 shutter speed…and voila!  I LOVE this lens!!! LOVE this camera!! I’ve found the perfect match! (next to my husband of course)…he he he 😉

Invited out to the Hamilton Angling & Hunting Association (known as the Ha Ha Club) for this western shoot we were able to watch our aunt Elaine (depicted here during a course of fire where she is rapidly firing upon multiple targets with cat like reflexes striking each target) and Uncle Alfred compete.  Check out the rounds being ejected!!! Go Girl!!

Western Shoot 04Western Shoot (10)

Check out the duds… The Western Shoot is not just about the competition of firing your firearms but the dress as well, taking you backwards to the late 18 hundreds people dress the part, you actually feel like you are back in time. 

03Western Shoot (38)

Almost forgot, 🙂 Once you join the “club” and start registering for different competitions you will need an Alias… Aunt Elaine and Uncle Alfred are better know around the circuit as Black Magic and Two Feathers…  What fun!!!   02Western Shoot (7)

Although your main reason for doing something like this is to have fun and get to meet a different people with a common interest there is still that competitive edge that drives one to constantly attempt to better themselves, and well… when your gun misfires, or double feeds or something unexpected occurs; as in any sport frustration plays a part…  They shot great!!!  unknown if they placed or not as we had to leave early we left with a better understanding of the sport and a possible new interest in the upcoming months… lol.05Western Shoot (116)

Thank you both for the invite and opportunity to check out this sport, have a blast, meet some new people and enjoy a little time together.  Looking forward to see what next year brings.  🙂

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Well, October is officially booked!  I can no longer take anymore bookings as I am waiting for the little one’s expected late September, early November and obviously October to fill in the gaps in what appears to be available spots left.  For those of you needing pictures for Christmas, I urge you to please book your appointments now for the first two weeks of November.  Any bookings after the 15th of November – there is no guarantee that you will have your pictures back in time for Christmas.

On another note…I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! To all of who are making this business…this passion – a dream come true for me.  I am so thankful to you all and I hope your lives are continuously blessed as the time goes on.


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Little Mister Martin came to me at 3 weeks old!  He was a very determined little man…but alas, I won (like always) and once he fell asleep, he was puddy in our hands and gave some absolutely beautiful images! 😉


I love this one of mom and son…she is just so in love and was beaming from ear to ear!


I have really been loving the way my black and white images are turning out!  They just look so classy…I love it!  What do you prefer?


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It was a little chilly today in Port Dover…probably one of my last shoots on the beach there…but when the sun came out it felt so nice!  I had the chance to work with this wonderful family capturing…well…little Lucas’ eye lids! LOL!  I swear, everytime my camera came up – he looked at his feet! NO MATTER WHAT!  We tried tricks, and noises, and saying “UH OH!” anything to get him to look!  But he wanted nothing to do with the camera and everything to do with toes…sand…baskets…water…DSC_0103copy

See??? (and he’s even giving me the middle….TOE!) …oh but isn’t mom just beautiful!!  You should be a model!  This is the look we go for in studio with fans…lol!  Guess we just need to go to Dover!DSC_0143

Wow….looking at this picture almost looks like I photoshopped a dog in there! But I didn’t! Meet Mr. Zeuss!  What a beutiful, well-behaved dog who was super excited to see sand…and even got his paws wet 😉DSC_0157

HA! Got those big gorgeous brown eyes!  Caught them finally in some of the last pictures we did near Port Dover….and it was definately worth the wait!DSC_0195

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Sweet little 8 day old Paolo was just perfect for his session!  Ate, slept, peed on dad, slept, pooped on dad, slept…peed again on dad…and not once did he get any of my stuff! LOL…i say he was perfect!  😉DSC_0018

He is so sweet and had the cutest little cheeks!  Honestly – could you not just eat him up!DSC_3791

Mmmmm….all cheeks!DSC_3790

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