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Wow…what a wedding, what a honeymoon, what a wonderful husband and married life I have ūüôā

DSC_5131I am so blessed and so thankful to God first and foremost, but to family, to friends, to you blog fans! Thanks everyone for your love, your support and your encouragement this last year.¬† With selling my house, getting engaged, building my business and planning a wedding…I really could not have done it without you!¬†

I am just leaving this quick note for now (I will blog the pictures and Jamaica fun soon) but for those of you who cant get a hold of my for you photoshoots…my website went down while I was away (ARRRR) and I’m so sorry! Email is down to! Double ARRRR ARRRR!!!!!¬† So please PLEASE call for your newborn session:¬† 289-244-6434…I’m not open until July 1st, but will return all calls on that day!!

God bless!

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Imagine being IN the movie “pretty woman!”…how much ladies do you wish you could be treated, pampered, loved, spoiled…how many movies do we as women watch and think “ya right – only in the movies!” WELL IT HAPPENED TO ME!!! So Wednesday December 10th, I get up at 5a.m. and get ready for my shift as a Paramedic. I go to work for 7a.m. and for some reason my supervisor decides to begin “quality assurance” and starts the process with my crew. So we get a car accident first thing in the morning (minor – one patient and she was totally fine)…then at 11:30 we get another call to Dunnville. Once we cleared that call we head to the ambulance base in Dunnville for lunch. My supervisor says “come with me” and brings me out the garage – hands me a red envelope and there stands Norm-a wonderful man I know (the father of one of the medics I work with)…and who is Norm?? He drives limosines!! He brings me out to the parking lot and straight to a limo!! YES – I’m now officially off work for the day!! I open the envelope and it reads: “Good Afternoon Love: I have a little game to play, If you want to join me you can’t stay, grab your things, it’s time to go, no worries about your shift they already know. Hurry up now lets get going step outside, A vehicle is waiting, it’s a pretty cool ride…”

UH WOW!!! Now my heart is pounding and I am in a limo with NO CLUE as to where I am being taken! Half an hour later – we arrive – at my house. My house?? Yup – my house. There is a car in the driveway – no clue who’s it is? I walk in – and there is my boyfriends sister-in-law waiting at the kitchen table. She says “Hi Tonia” and with that I begin balling!!! Yup crying like a baby! She says to go shower but not wash my hair. Did I mention she is a hair dresser? So – I come back down from the shower and she begins to do my hair!¬† Now I’m wondering what all women wonder at this point (or probably sooner) “is he going to PROPOSE!!!?”¬†


So my hair is done now and she hands me a red envelope…hmmmm seen this before – what could be NEXT!¬† My heart pounds with anticipation as I open the envelope:¬† “GORGEOUS HAIR!¬† Here is what you will need if you care, grab some clothes enough for 2 days wear.¬† Tooth brush, personals and a bathing suit, whatever you bring I’m sure will be cute!” then it says “chop chop! Time is ticking…get back to the car!”¬† Wow!!! SO I run up the stairs and I’m so nervous, I’m grabbing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and just throwing them into the first duffle bag I can find!!!¬† Okay – back to the car!!!!¬† Now where are we going I ask Norm.¬† “I know nothing” is what he replies.¬† Wow…how exciting! I’m calling everyone I know on my cell phone freeking out at the events taking place!¬† I’m getting answering machines from my family which was driving me nuts but I got a few friends on the line and explained what was happening and everyone was so excited !!!¬† Hmmmm where could we be going!!???¬† Oh…exiting Upper Wentworth…hmmmm…why?? What’s there?? Oh my goodness – we are turning into…THE MALL?? WHAT?? Now I’m confused? We are now parked in front of the mall, Norm steps out, opens my door and hands me…yup – a red envelope!!!!:


Didn’t he pick out the MOST BEAUTIFUL SHOES!!! HE picked them out!!!¬† And to go with them – a little black clutch purse.¬† WOW!¬† And oh¬† –¬† not done there.¬† The salesman says “oh I have something for you” …and yes – hands me a red envelope!!!¬† “Beautiful feet that look just right, need sexy shoes to wear tonight.¬† Just a couple stores down is calling your name it’s JMICHAELS, enter and do the same….”

I am in complete awe at this point.¬† What to think, what to do…where is MY MAN!!!¬† I just want to hug him and cry and never let go! I mean WHO DOES THIS!!¬† I walk to JMichaels¬† and with a huge smile on my face…didn’t even have to say “Hi I’m Tonia”…all the ladies working there knew who I was!¬† Nicole comes up and shakes my hand and says “I’m Nicole and I’ll be taking care of you today”, then leads me to the change rooms at the back of the store – to which I found the most beautiful gowns all awaiting trial!!¬† “Wow is this truly happening? Someone pinch me”! By the time I tried on 3 or 4 gowns that my wonderful boyfriend chose for me – I found “the one”.¬† It was beautiful!¬† Floor length black gown with high neck and a small train!¬† It was gorgeous! Beautiful bead work at the bust line and the neck…wow!¬† I felt exactly like Pretty Woman! I asked “so did he come here this morning and do this?”¬† They said “oh no dear, he has been coming here for a very long time…even brought his parents to get their opinion”!¬† OMG – he HAS TO BE PROPOSING!!???¬† Now with all the woman working there standing with me at the back of the store – I have on more thing to try on with my beautiful gown…a dress coat.¬† Here are the choices…and the one that fit and looked so stunning – was chosen by my man! What nice taste! A cashmeir jacket!¬† WOW!!!¬† The women said I had to leave the store dressed in this gown and jacket!¬† I was like “WHAT!!?” LOL…and in all the excitement left my clothes in the store including the leather coat I had come in with! Oops…oh and of course¬† –¬† they had something for me…a RED ENVELOPE!¬† “WOW. So hot, so sexy, so beautiful you are, walk tall and confident back to the car.¬† Your a gorgeous woman for all to see, yet set aside, a gift from God…just for me!! xoxo”¬† Oh the tears were starting again…wow…and the ladies who were so wonderful and felt like family by the time we were done – walked me out of the mall, back to the limo and to the awaitng Norm – opened the car door and out steps the most hansome, wonderful man – my Will !!


I was SO HAPPY to see him!!! I couldn’t contain my smile from ear to ear!!!¬† My face was actually hurting from the past 4 hours of pure joy!!¬† In the limo we go with a thanks to the ladies who helped us out – and a glisten of tears in their eyes…but where to NOW??¬† Will didn’t say a word!¬† (I mean about where we are off too)… wow.¬† Speachless.¬† Thinking “oh my goodness is he going to propose?”¬† Will and I have talked about marriage, but I thought he wasn’t going to propose until next year.¬† As a matter of fact, I would have bet my life on it! I had NO clue he was going to do this! AND he said he will do a few wonderful things that will make me think “yes this is it” but it won’t be! That way I’ll never know when the real time will come! So as much as I’m thinking that he has to be proposing…I’m also thinking…he can’t be! He wouldn’t do it the first amazing time out like this?¬† Could he!??

Oh…I see the CN Tower!¬† YES we are in Toronto! Norm pulls up to the Keg! My favourite restaurant! OUR favourite restaraunt! Maybe he’ll do it over dinner? Will it be in the dessert? Nah that’s cheezy?¬† Oh I just want to know!!!¬† Dinner comes – so delicious!!¬† And…goes.¬† Dinner is over – and low and behold, the car I drive to work – is parked under ground in TORONTO!!! How did THAT happen?? Will’s wonderful parents drove it to Toronto during the day so we would have a ride back home when all was done…how wonderful!!!

So now we are in the car…but where are we going? Oh…I think I see the Royal Alexander Theater~~and guess who’s pulling into it!!! YUP! WOOHOO we are going to see Dirty Dancing!!!¬† I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! I wanted to see this play so bad!!¬† OH IS HE GOING TO PROPOSE??? HERE??¬† Best seats in the house and all to ourselves we get the box seats!¬† Do I have THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER OR WHAT!!!!!!!!

The play was truly amazing! I loved every moment…but as quickly as it seemed to begin, it ended…and no proposal (LOL)…I am of course thinking this entire time “he can’t be proposing…this is¬†a tease but how could he top this!”?

Back to the car we go.¬† And to the Cambrige Suits Hotel…and not just any room but the PENTHOUSE!! DOES IT END?? Wow – the most amazing man has done the most amazing things for me today!¬† FOR ME!!! Could this be happening?¬† REALLY happening to somelike itty bitty ME????


He arranged rose pedals to be put in our room for when we got there….they did a beautiful job!!¬† We had a beautiful room!¬† We spent a very romantic evening just being together and celebrating this magical day.¬† What a wonderful way to spend time with the most hansome man …and we had the BEST sleep EVER! No proposal…

At 9a.m. the door bell rings to our room…Will gets it and a few minutes later shows up with breakfast – served to me in bed!!! Bacon, Eggs, Orange juice, fresh fruit…the works!¬† Wow – breakfast in bed, in the penthouse suite!¬† In Toronto! With the man of my dreams!¬† Does this get any better?¬† Not a chance!!!!¬† So we eat our breakfast, thank God for our blessings and just enjoy the food.¬† Half way through the dessert Will gets up, walks around to my side of the bed…and gets down on one knee!¬† OMG THIS IS HAPPENING!!! He gave the most beautiful speach and it ended with “would you be my wife”….YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!¬† I cried and hugged him and he placed the most gorgeous ring on my finger that he had made JUST FOR ME!!!¬† A ring that I fell in love with and continue to love more and more with every passing glance !


BREATHTAKING!!! I look down to my left hand and want to cry…I can’t believe I am the lucky one who gets to marry Prince Charming! Will is the most amazing man EVER!!!! I am so happy, so in love, so content – so overwhelmed and so emotional!¬† So…ladies …these things aren’t just part of movies, or fantasies, or fiction…they HAPPEN!!! It happened to me and I want to share and write it and remember it until I die!¬† JUNE 12/2009 is the big day!!¬† Delicate Impressions will be closed the entire month!¬† I am marrying the man of my dreams and I couldn’t be MORE HAPPY!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!¬†

I’M ENGAGED!!! HOLY MOLY!!!!! WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!! …hubby¬† – sorry “FIANCE” wants the gown on here!¬† So here it is: (I love you baby!)

engagement-gownSee? He’s great at taking pictures too! We had a little model session …it was actually quite funny!¬† Realzing we didn’t really get any pictures of the dress we put it back on (oh twist my arm) and joking around he just kept shooting and I was acting like a model (clearly NOT ONE) and almost killed myself laughing! This was one of the fun shots before the tears started streaming LOL!!!

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Okay had to sneak one more in before closing shop for the month…this sweet heart came for his session just shy of 2 weeks old and what a ham!¬† Lets just say he got the nick name “Poopy-Pants” after 5 towels, 1 container of baby wipes, a change of clothes, a load of laundry, 3 peeing episodes, 2 spitting up episodes and about 7 POOPY episodes later!¬† Lol…Little “A” you make me giggle! (and tired) ha!¬† It was a pleasure meeting you today guys and I’m happy I could get you in…July would have been a little long for a ‘newborn’ session!¬† Enjoy your sneak peak and I hope it was all worth it!DSC_4892I love his little pouty lips!!DSC_4856Mmmm…so sleepy (okay well not really, but we managed to get some ‘sleepy’ poses lolDSC_4877

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