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This little lady came for her first photography session from Woodstock!  Though only an hour away…I can’t tell you how giddy it makes me feel to know that moms from even a distance enjoy my work and want their babies photographed by moi!  I hope you enjoyed your session today Miss J and thanks for bringing your sister along to help out 🙂avery1

Isn’t mom just gorgeous!?avery21

You wouldn’t know it – but this little angel wanted to stay awake so she didn’t miss a thing!avery4

…And since dad couldn’t make the session today we asked little Avery to wave hi!  What do you know – SHE DID IT!  “Hi Daddy”avery-32

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That I hate natural light photography!  (INdoor natural light – non-wedding – photography)…which means I am going to just work extra hard at getting it right!!  I went to visit family this weekend…and here is the start of natural light (you natural light photographers are terrifec!)dsc_0645-copy2

And another discovery – I don’t do enough macro shots…nice close up pictures of really CUTE details! Like this one of my newphew…Love his eyes! Love those lashes!dsc_0723-copy1

HATS BY CARA EINWECHTER!  If you like these hats (and I have had a LOT of inquiries into them) please contact me for details on how to contact this seller.  She is almost all set up on Etsy, but until then I’ve got the goods 😉a81She also makes these blankets:  In any colour, with any words/names you want!  Make for great baby shower gifts!kayla


Pink ribbon…blue, yellow, green…whatever may match the nursery…customize your baby blanket!dsc_0529

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The first thing you think of when you see this first picture!! I just LOVE IT!!! LOL!  Almost like it could be an ad campain for the early 80’s when everyone used to give the peace sign…


Mom requested this photo – one I have done before and she loved it.  Doesn’t she look beautiful?e1And how cool is THIS!  This paint can was decorated for baby Emma and given at the baby shower filled with gifts! How creative is THAT!e3

e5Believe it or not, this pose is extrememly difficult to get! However…I think I have discovered the trick! It worked first try!  Now I have to see if it was just this 12 day old beauty co-operating perfectly, or if I actually figured it out! e4

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This was the BEST newborn session I swear!  This is baby Reese (mom gave me permission to use her name) who came to the studio at only 5 days!  I think this is my new favourite age!  She slept the ENTIRE session and didn’t pee even ONCE!  I had zero laundry to do after this session – unbelieveable!  Sorry for so many pictures this time…but I just couldn’t choose my fav 2 or 3…there were so many and mom and dad let me try anything I wanted to!  Enjoy the sneak peak! I loved working on these pictures!  reesereese1reese2reese4

Mom really loves this petti skirt! So we did a couple different things with it but this one I loved!  How sweet does Reese look all bundled in there!reese3This one is too cute!!!  This shows just how ‘bendy’ little one’s can be when they come in early!! Way to go mom for booking your session this soon!reese5And this picture I havn’t tried yet but I get so inspired by another photographer from the states Captured By Carrie.  Truly- she is amazing and does all sorts of hanging shots inspiring many photographers to try it!  This was our first attempt at this one and it worked wonderfully!  reese6Baby Reese smiled through out the entire session and it seemed only when I put my camera down would she do it! But I caught a few of them…and this was one 🙂reese7

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Daddy’s little girl alright! This is baby “A” who believe it or not did not sleep the entire session (honestly – I don’t know how I even got these first 2 images!) but she was sooooo good! And only peed TEN TIMES a couple times 😉  A&E I hope you like your sneak peak and grandma too!  Thanks for coming!au1These little hat I got from Lily who you can find on www.lilyknitting.com – she is wonderful!au2au31

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This sweet SWEET boy came today for his photography debute at 12 days new!  I went to high school with his mom 12 a few years ago 😉 llu3If I didn’t know this was in the middle of a sneeze, I would guess he’s thinking “enough pictures already and just leave me alone!” LOLl2

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Just a few more of baby “A” from earlier this week!  What a sweet heart!a7a6She is going to be a little red-head with great big brown eyes!a5a8

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Such a small world!  This new mom googled “newborn photography” and found me that way…once she booked and asked where the studio was – well turns out it’s right next door (literally) to her brother-in-law!  How exciting to photograph such a sweet family 🙂  This little charmer is only 12 days old and did a great job at her first photosession!lylal31I just love how ‘bendy’ and ‘curly’ newborns can get!  Very important that you book under 2 weeks in order to get photographs like this one:lyla1

And I think this is one of my newest FAVS!  I can’t get over how beautiful mom and daughter look with their stunning eyes looking right at the camera!  This little girl was SO alert!l4

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This sweet lady (bug) came to me at 7 days old for her photography debute!  Her parents speak  french and it sounds sooooooo cute the way they speak to her!  Baby “A” was such a sweet baby and was so wonderful during her session! We only went through 2 towels and she only peed on daddy ONCE!  😉 anabel1anabel22

Mom and dad loved this hat – courtesy of www.etsy.com anabel5anabel32

Such big eyes!  Very alert little girl 🙂anabel41

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