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This hansome little man came to visit for his first photography debut today!  He was a happy baby – very content – and very much awake!  Little sister “M” was totally loving him up!l02


Proud big sister – look at those eyes!l031Peek-A-Bool012

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I just LOVE newborn sessions! But at the same time, it’s so sad when they leave because I’m not sure I’ll get the chance to see them again, to watch them grow, to see how they have changed so much in just one year!  So I am offering all my newborn mom’s and dad’s the Newborn-to-One price! If I have photographed your newborn, I would love to photograph their first birthday!  The price for that session is $100 plus 10% off all prints!  This isn’t just a “one time special”…this is what I am going to add to my packages / collections.  Selfish really – because it means I get to see MY newborns turn ONE! Woohoo!   Please call to book your session as far ahead as you can because I am only taking 2 booked sessions per week to ensure room for the little ones when they arrive and to give each session the attention and quality time it deserves!


Call me at:  289-244-6434 to book your first year session today!dsc_9118

Couldn’t leave you without a cute picture of the twins from yesterday!  Such sweet hearts!

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I have been waiting for these babies since September of last year when mom called to book her Mommy & Me package and said she was expecting twins!!  I had been dreaming of poses for two babies ever since!  This first one is a pose I have been picturing for half a year LOL!  Book ends! With Dr. Seuss in the middle!  How cute! I just love it!  These babies were so good for their session!twins3This little 5 pound girl and 4 pound boy are only 7 days old…perfectly healthy and got to go home at day 5 in the hospital.  Mom and dad are so in love!twins2

twins11Mom and dad brought these sweet little hats and they made for a perfect picture!  I love this one – might blow it up for the studio!!twins31

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This is my best friends sweet little 8-month-old charmer!  He has THE FATTEST CHEEKS I have EVER SEEN!!!  So cute! Honestly…from the side, you almost can’t see his lips 🙂  He is so darn cute~!heath1h3

Love these little socks!  h11

I’ve been wanting to do this picture for a while…finally got a baby that could crawl, but not walk!  But he didn’t sit still for long! Love that smile!h4

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After choosing the pictures for my blog post, I realized that in most of them, this little man is hanging from either dads arm or cloth is some way, shape or form!  So “Little Monkey” suited him just perfectly!  It was so fun photographing this 2 week old bouncing baby boy!  His parents are so in love with him and they were so excited to have a photoshoot like this done in their home.  Every little pose we did mom and dad were so thrilled!  “This is so awesome” I beleive I heard a few times!  When you get pictures such as this first one…it really is AWESOME!andrew3andrew2

andrew4One of my all time favourite photographers is Captured By Carrie out of California.  She has inspired many photographers (Newborn Photographers) with her images of hanging newborns in cloth from tree branches (sounds funny as I type it lol….) but with her starting poses like that, she inspires us who love it to figure out as many different hanging shots as we can possibly come up with:andrew11

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I swear I am the luckiest photographer! I get the best clients!  Here is just ANOTHER beautiful mom I had the chance to photograph.  Due in April we aren’t sure what the gender of the baby is … such a nice suprise!  “D” thanks for coming out today in this weather!  I hope it was all worth it!deanna3deanna2

Mom looks just stunning in this photo!  Love her hair!deanna41

deanna5And one for shy dad 🙂

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Little “Apple” came to me today at only 5 days new!  Slept the last half of the session like a champ! Gave us lots of GREAT shots!kayla5kayla11Mom and dad LOVED this hat~!  Most of my newborn parents do! If you want to purchase cute, fun, sweet hats like this go to:  www.etsy.com and type in “newborn hats” under the search bar~! Then bring your hat to your newborn session!kayla3All cozy in daddy’s arms…kayla4Just hangin’ out 🙂kayla2

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