Pay It Forward

I have been in the mood to give and have thought a lot about how to word this posting exactly.  I still don’t know quite how to word exactly what I’m thinking…but I’m going to give it a shot.  A lot of people give A LOT..especially at Christmas time.  Not only to our families, and to friends, but to those in need.  We think of people on the streets at Christmas time who don’t have family to turn to, who don’t have a warm meal on their plates (or for that matter – don’t even have plates!).  As a photographer, this past year I offered holiday mini sessions where if you brought a toy for a toy drive, you received $25 off your session fee.  A lot of photographers did that this year, a lot of photographers also do a photography give-away where they ask you to email them with a person who you think would benefit from having a professional photographer photograph their family for free – someone who couldn’t afford it for whatever reason.  This, however is a bit different.  While I think that photography give-away is still an AWESOME way to GIVE…I KNOW there are things that people really need who may not come forward.  This is where my heart sits today.  If you know someone who is in need of something like groceries because they have kids and lost their job…or someone who can’t pay their hydro bill this month…someone who can’t get their bus pass in order to make it across the city to their job…someone truly in need of something that will make their day by having it done (anonymously) for them…please email me. Tell me their story…how you know them, why you think they should have something special done to help them out just this one time.  Together – we are all family.   We need to reach out, to help those who are in need.  I look around at my home, my family’s home…my friends…we are a society that has at least 2 cars per home, computers in every room, television’s all over the place…we can just get up and go to the movies when we want to, go out for dinner on a whim…we can go buy new clothes, and replace silly things like ripped socks and old torn up jeans.  Yet somewhere out there tonight, a child will go to bed hungry, a single parent will stay up crying trying to figure out how to survive the night, a teenager will sleep on cardboard boxes somewhere on the street…I want to help.  Even if it’s groceries for a family for a month delivered to their home…or a sleeping bag given to someone who’s cold at night..just SOMETHING!  Please, if you know someone who could greatly benefit something like mentioned above, please email me at tkinch@delicateimpressions.ca and title your email “IN NEED”.  I will email you personally if we have chosen your story.  Nothing will be blogged about it, nothing will be mentioned to the family who was chosen…it is going to be done in total and complete secrecy.

So where can you “pay it forward”  (you have to see that movie if you haven’t!!)…after sharing your story with me, just listen to your friends, family, co-workers, someone who comes into where you work sharing a story of someone they might know who NEEDS…and help out.  Pay It Forward.  Help those in need and just watch the circle of help begin!  If you know the Lord…and the day comes when He says to you…”why didn’t you feed me when I was hungry” or “why didn’t you clothe me when I was cold”…or “why didn’t you give me water when I was thirsty”…now you can say “but Lord…I did”….

Thank you for helping!  I’m so blessed to be able to give…and I hope we can all try just a little ❤

“May I have some Bacon?”

HA!  Today I photographed two of the most beautiful little girls.  3 month old Reese, and 3 year old Teagan.  Let me tell you, Teagan totally pulled on my heart strings.  I’m talking hugs, and helping and doing everything that was asked of her…she was polite, and sweet…and I seriously would have adopted her for my own if her parents would have let me!  So during the session, she’s sitting there being all cute, and out of the blue she looks right at me and says “May I have some bacon”?  I was giggling and giggling, and trying to hide how much I was laughing inside – well it was physically painful LOL!  I was chewing gum and little do I know that apparently it’s also called bacon in the home of Teagan.  I guess one day she called it bacon and it has now been called that for who knows how long.  So tell your kids that gum is called bacon and we can pull a “Teagan” when we say we want some bacon!

These two are going to be so close when they are older.  Two of the happiest children I have photographed yet!


Elise – Day 8

Today I got to photograph this little girl who was so sweet … and so poopy!!  I have a TON of laundry and had to even clean the blinds in the studio LOL!  (I’m allowed to tell that story – she’s my daughters new sister).

Of course we had to grab a couple pictures of Claire.  Clairs is going to be 2 in July and she just LOVES her new baby sister.  Giving her hugs and kisses constantly – there is seriously not even an ounce of jealousy 🙂

Claire also loves her big sister Mia.  Trying to steal some more kisses xo

One of my new props you will be seeing a lot of before Easter.

Princess Kendall…Day 8

Another little beautiful girl this week who we will call by the name of PRINCESS Kendall…

This pram was actually Kendalls MOMS pram! this is over 30 years old and in MINT condition.  I love it!  I would love to find one just like this in doll size 🙂

Just hangin out…

Playing with the lighting – I KNEW when I took it, I would just LOVE it! And I do!

Adalyn on Valentine’s Day <3

On Valentine’s Day I got to photograph sweet baby Adalyn only 8 days new and she did FABULOUS!  Such a tiny little girl and such a pleasure to photograph.

Mom was holding her for a sec (not even near the backdrop) just so I could set something up…but I turn to take Adalyn for her next picture and …well, she was just so perfectly sitting in moms hands! I had to grab the shot.

“angel” definitely suits her 🙂

Mom brought this cute little headband so we had to use it.

Congratulations on your newest addition Rob, Kathleen and Zander!  I hope to see you all again soon!!

Scarlett – 1 month

What a classic, beautiful name!   If I had another baby, and it was a girl, I would seriously consider naming her Scarlett…I LOVE IT!!!  This little beauty slept for the majority of her session which is NOT a common thing for a 1-month-old to do!  Mom said she bathed her before she came in some baby-bed-time lotion thing (I totally can’t remember the name) and that is what she thinks kept her sleeping! I need to get the name so I can pass it along 😉

Mom just loved this shot that she originally saw at Jamie’s place and requested we try it with her ❤

For the farmers in the family…

Thank you for coming for your newborn session little miss Scarlett.  I hope to see you again soon…little angel.

What a little Peanut!

Meet Mr. Reid Harrison…what a classy name for such a little peanut!  One of my greatest friends from high school (Larin) and I have been in touch ever since high school and I hate to say it -but it’s been almost 15 years since graduating high school (YOWZERS!).  Larin was always so awesome with my daughter when she was younger – and we always knew he would be a great dad someday.  It’s so amazing to see him with a wife and now a new baby….

I just LOVE this picture! ❤

and one to show just how tiny this adorable 5-day-old boy is…

Baby Brennan makes 3

My very first set of twins came to me not quite two years ago and this past week I got to meet their baby brother after 3 attemps at his newborn session…we were finally able to make it happen 🙂

I adore the love you can feel here.  Though they are so young…they just love him to pieces!

Thanks Angela for coming back to capture your newest additions pictures.  He is an absolute angel …and the more I edit these pictures, the more I see both the twins in him!  Such a sweet little boy ❤

Ryder – 8 Days

This past week I have met so many sweet little bundles and Ryder was one adorable and handsome little man!!  Slept through the chaos of his brother and sister running around, Peter Pan playing and just all the fun being had in the studio that day.  Thank you Jamie for sending your sister to me 🙂  You both look SO MUCH alike!!!  After a year of photographing your little Olivia, it was nice to photograph a boy in the family 🙂  Wonderful meeting you Lori!

This is one protective, loving, motherly sister!!  She LOVES her little brother and I’m sure she will do everything in her power to protect him as they get older ❤

Lovin her last baby.

Another sweet name added to the Delicate Impressions baby book.  Ryder.  Love it.

Seren – One Month

Another original baby name that I haven’t photographed as of yet.  And this little monkey only slept for the very first shot of the session.  Otherwise, she didn’t want to miss anything and gave me all the funniest faces!  Love little personalities!

Maybe tired…but still didn’t sleep.


So as this family was packed up and headed out the door, I nabbed little miss Paige back for one last shot…and SOOOOOOO HAPPY I DID!!!!